Aircraft and weapons. Helicopters and weapons.


This section can be called "Airplanes and weapons. Helicopters and weapons. Aviation and weapons." All this more and more often these terms attract attention in view of the fact that the world military aviation is developing at an intensive pace. If earlier the use of combat aircraft and helicopters was limited, then today these air vehicles are multipurpose.

Aircraft and Weapon

Air cannons, guidance systems, air bombs with various explosive weights, sights - all this and much more should be attributed to military weapons and military aviation systems.

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Short description

2019 ZRK C-500 "Prometheus" Russian anti-aircraft missile system 5-th generation
2018 Rocket 9M730 "Petrel" Russian cruise missile with nuclear power units of unlimited flight range
2018 Rocket 9M729 "Innovator" Russian cruise missile
2018 Rocket "Avant-garde" Russian hyper-sound intercontinental ballistic missile
1980 Launch X-29L Soviet / Russian high-precision air-launched rocket class "air-surface"
Work on a ballistic missile in Germany began long before World War II
1942 A cruise missile (the V-1) The element of novelty in the construction of a cruise missile was the autopilot.
1940 Cannon QI-23 VYa-23 automatic aircraft cannon, developed by Soviet designers in 1940.
1918 bomb racks the device for the suspension of the bombs on aircraft


ABC of military aviation weapons:


Air Defense Forces: History

Russian air defense systems

ZRK C-300BM "Antey-2500"

ZRS C-300B

SAM "Thor"

SAM "Osa"
ZRK MD-PS Submarine poseidon Rocket "Zircon" ZRRK "Tunguska"
SIRS "Pine" SIRS Pine-RA S-400 SAM systems "Triumph" Radar П-15 и П-19
Radar П-18 "Terek Radar P-40A Radar "Sky-SV"  Day of Air Defense Aviation Troops
Badge of the Russian Air Defense Forces Form of air defense troops Armor-С1 ZRAK "Dirk"
MANPADS "Igla" ZRK "Cube" ZRK "Circle" LAW "Strela-10"
LAW "Hurricane" Cruise missile "Caliber" PC-28 "Sarmat" ZRK "Redut"
SAM "Vityaz" LAW "Morpheus" Ukraine's air defense system Patriot SIRK

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