Airlines in Europe


So all European airlines as follows:








Air Alps Aviation (Air Alps Aviation) 

Austrian Airlines (Austrian Airlines) 


Austrian Arrows-Tyrolean Airways (Tyrolean Air Lines)

Austrojet (Ostrodzhet) 


Abelag (Abelag)

Air Via Balgarian Airways (Air Via Bulgarian Airways) 


Astraeus (Astraeus) 

Atlantic Express (Atlantic Express)


Origni Air Services (Aurigny Air Services) 

Air Berlin (Air Berlin)


Augsburg Airways (Augsburg Airways) 

Avanti Air 


Aegean Airlines (Aegean Airlines) 

Astra Airlines (Astra Airlines) 


Athens Airways (Athens Airways) 

Aer Aran (Aer Arann)


Aer Arann Islands (Aer Arann Islands) 

Aer Lingus (Aer Lingus) 


Air Atlanta Islandik (Air Atlanta Icelandic)

Air Iceland 


Aeronova (Aeronova) 

Air Europe (Air Europa)


Air Nostrum 

Star Alba (Alba Star) 


Andalusian air line (Andalus Lineas Aereas)

Air Dolomiti (Air Dolomiti) 


Italie Air (Air Italy)

Air One 


Alitalia (Alitalia) 

Alitalia Express (Alitalia Express)


Air Baltic (Air Baltic)

Air Lituanica (Air Lituanica) 


Aurela (Aurela) 

Avion Express (Avion Express) 


Airlift Service (Airlift Service)

Air Malta (Air Malta)


Arkefly (Arkefly) 

Italie Air Polska (Air Italy Polska)


Air Bucharest (Air Bucharest) 

Air Serbia (Air Serbia) 


Air Slovakia (Air Slovakia)

Adria Airways 


Anadolu Jet (Anadolu Jet) 

Atlasdzhet Airlines (Atlasjet Airlines)


Atlantic Airways 

Air Aland (Air Aland) 


Azyur Aigle (Aigle Azur)

Air France (Air France) 


Air Miditerani (Air Mediterranee) 

Atlantique Air Assistance (Atlantique Air Assistance)


Air Svidén (Air Sweden)

Avitrans (Avitrans) 


AyBiEy International Business Air (IBA Int Business Air)

Eyrest (Airest) 


Avies Air Company (Avies Air Company)









Bell Air (Belle Air)

Brussels Airlines (Brussels Airlines) 


BiEych Eyre (BH Air)

Bulgaria Air (Bulgaria Air)


Balgarian Air Charter (Bulgarian Air Charter) 

B&H Airlines 


BA City Flyer (BA City Flyer) 

BiEmAy Regional (Bmi Regional) 


British Air Lines (British Airways)

Bremenfly (Bremenfly) 


Blue Bird Airways (Blue Bird Airways)

Binter Canarias (Binter Canarias) 


Bell Air EuropeAid (Belle Air Europe)

Blu-Express (Blu-Express) 


Blue Panorama Airlines (Blue Panorama Airlines)

Blue Air 


Best Air 

Borajet (Borajet) 


Blue Van (Blue 1) 

Blue Line 


Babu (Baboo) 



Barents Eyrlink (Barents Airlink)

Blekingeflig (Blekingeflyg) 








Condor Flugdienst 

Contact Air Flyugdinst (Contact Air Flugdienst)


City Jet (City Jet) 

Calima Aviación (Calima Aviacion) 


Cyprus Air Lines (Cyprus Airways)

Korendon Dutch Airlines (Corendon Dutch Airlines)


Karpateyr (Carpatair)

Corendon Airlines (Corendon Airlines) 


SiSiEm Airlines (CCM Airlines)



Kroatia Airlines (Croatia Airlines)

Central Connect Airlines 


CSA-Czech Air Lines (CSA-Czech Airlines)

Czech Connect Airlines (Czech Connect Airlines)








Danish Air Transport (Danish Air Transport) 



Denim Air (Denim Air) 

Direct Aero Services (Direct Aero Services) 


Vingz Danube (Danube Wings)

Dubrovnik Airline (Dubrovnik Airline)


Darwin Airline (Darwin Airline) 

Direktflyg (Direktflyg) 








Eastern Airways 

Easy Jet (Easy Jet)


Yuropean Executive (European Executive)




Yurosaypria Airlines (Eurocypria Airlines)


IFLA (Efly)

Yuropean 2000 Airlines (European 2000 Airlines)


Enter Air (Enter Air) 

Euro LOT (Euro LOT) 


Euro Atlantic Airways (Euro Atlantic Airways) 

Easy Jet Switzerland 


Edelweiss Air (Edelweiss Air)

Estonian Air (Estonian Air)









FLN Frisia Lyuftferker (FLN Frisia Luftverkehr)


Freshline (Freshline) 

Fly On Air 


Phil Eyre (Feel Air)

Free Bird Airlines (Free Bird Airlines) 


Finnair (Finnair)

Flybe Nordic 


Fliglininen (Flyglinjen) 

Flaylal Charters Estonia (Flylal Charters Eesti)








German Sky Airlines (German Sky Airlines)






Golden Air 

Gotlandsflig (Gotlandsflyg) 








Hemus Air (Hemus Air) 

Hamburg Airways 


Hellas Airlines (Hellas Airlines)

Hellas Jet 


Helitt (Helitt)

Spain Airways (Hispania Airways)


Hi Fly 

Hop (HOP!) 


Holideyz Czech Airlines (Holidays Czech Airlines)

Hello (Hello) 


Helvetica Airways (Helvetic Airways)









Inter Sky (Inter Sky) 

Isles Skilly Skybus (Isles of Scilly Skybus) 


Ayslend Express (Iceland Express)

Ayslendeyr (Icelandair)



Iberia Express (Iberia Express)


Ibertrans (Ibertrans Aerea) 

Iberworld Airlines (Iberworld Airlines) 


IMD Airways (IMD Airways) 

Islas Airways 











Cypriot and Turkish Air Lines (Kibris Turk Hava Yollari) 



Sitihopper KLM (KLM cityhopper)









Jetalliance Flugbetriebs (Jetalliance Flygbetribs) 



Jet-Tu.kom ( 

Time Jet (Jet Time)


Jet Air (Jet Air) 









Lauda Air (Lauda Air) 

Lynx Air (Links Air) 


Loganeyr (Loganair)

Liddeyr (Lyddair)


LFH (LFH Luftverkehr Friesland Harle) 

LGV Luftfartgesellschaft Walter (LGW Luftfahrtgesellschaft Walter) 



Lufthansa City Line (Lufthansa City Line)


LTU International Airways (LTU International Airways)

Livingston (Livingston) 


Lithuania Express (Lithuania Express)

Lyukseyr (Luxair)


LOT Charters 

LOT-Polish Airlines (LOT Polish Airlines) 


Luz Air (LUZ air) 









ManxToo (Manx 2) 

Monarch Airlines 


Mint Airways (Mint Airways)

Meridiana (Meridiana) 


Mistral Air 

MAT Airways (MAT Airways) 



Medallion Air 


Montenegro Airlines (Montenegro Airlines)

Malmo Aviation (Malmo Aviation)








Niki (Niki) 

Neos (Neos) 


Norvegian Air Shuttle (Norwegian Air Shuttle)

Jet NEXT (Next Jet) ( 

Noveyr (Novair) 








Olympic Air 



Onur Air (Onur Air) 

Open Skies (Open Skies)








Private Air (Privat Air) 

Private Wings 


Primera Air Scandinavia (Primera Air Scandinavia)

Primera Air (Primera Air)


Privilege Style (Privilege Style)

Palmantur Air (Pullmantur Air) 



PiDzhiEy Express (PGA Express)


Portugal Airlines (PGA-Portugalia Airlines)

Pegasus Airlines (Pegasus Airlines) 


Pan European Air Service (Pan Europeenne Air Service) 

Peoples Vennalayn (Peoples Viennaline)


Private Air (Privat Air)









Robin Hood Aviation (Robin Hood Aviation)

RVL Aviation


Ryanair (ryanair) 

Air Vaydzhet (RYjet) 











Sky Serbska (Sky Srpska) 



Solyom-Hungarian Airways

San Express Germany (Sun Express Germany)


Sylt Air 

Sky Express (Sky Express)


Vingz Sky Airlines (Sky Wings Airlines)

San Air Scandinavia (Sun-Air of Scandinavia) 


Thomas Cook Airlines Scandinavia (Scandinavia)

Swiftair (Swiftair) 


Skybridge Air Ops 

Smart Links Italy (Smart Lynx Italia)


Smartlinks (Smartlynx) 

Small Planet Airlines (Small Planet Airlines) 


SAS Norway (SAS Norge) 

Sata Air Akores (SATA Air Acores)


SATA International (SATA International) 

Saga Airlines 


Sky Airlines (Sky Airlines) 



Silver Air (Silver Air) 

Smart Wings 


Vork Sky Airlines (Sky Work Airlines)

Yuropean Airlines Suisse (Swiss European AirLines)


Scandinavian Airlines (SAS-Scandinavian Airlines) 









Tyrolean Jet Services (Tyrolean Jet SERVICES) 

Tafa Air (Tafa Air) 


Thomas Cook Airlines Belgium 

Thomas Cook Airlines 


Thomson Airways

Titan Airways 


Travel Service Hungary (Travel Service Hungary) 

TUI Fly (TUI fly) 


Transavia Denmark (Transavia Denmark)

Travel Fly (Trawel Fly)


Transavia Airlines (Transavia Airlines)

TAP Portugal (TAP Portugal)


Tarom (Tarom) 

Travel Service Slovakia (Travel Service Slovakia) 


Tailwind Airlines 

Turkish Air Lines (Turkish Airlines)


Turkuaz Airlines (Turkuaz Airlines) 

Transavia France (Transavia France) 


Twin Jet (Twin Jet)

Trade Air (Trade Air) 


Travel Service Airlines (Travel Service Airlines) 

Transvid Airways (Transwede Airways)


TUI fly Nordik (TUI fly Nordic) 









WIlEm Airlines (VLM Airlines) 

Virgin Atlantic Airways 


Vyuling Airlines (Vueling Airlines)

Volotea (Volotea) 








ExEl Airways Germany (XL Airways Germany)

ExEl Airways France (XL Airways France)











WELCOME Eyre (Welcome Air)

Wizz Air Bulgaria 


Wizz Air 

WDL Aviation 


VAUeyr (WOWair) 

Vaydros Flayveselskap (Wideroe's Flyveselskap)


White Eagle Aviation (White Eagle Aviation)

White Airways (White Airways) 


Volteyr Yuerop (Waltair Europe)









Zimeks Aviation (Zimex Aviation)



Europe, though it was the birthplace of aviation (in the traditional sense: after all, it is the airplane the Wright brothers, and not balloon Montgolfier was the first aviation aircraft), nevertheless made a significant and probably one of the most significant contribution to the development of aviation. Naprmier here was formed as a legal entity first airline DELAG - German Joint Air korablevodstvu, though its "air fleet", as they say now were just dirigibles.
It is not surprising that the current state of air travel in a region like Europe developed more than a fine, in the UK alone 24 large aviatsionnyhkompany, which provide local and international air traffic air travel. And France is not far behind from it - where they 14.

The appearance of the first airlines in the European region dates back to the beginning of the last century. Since that time, the entire aviation structure has been developing here. European airlines now have connections with almost all countries in the world: close and quite remote. Heathrow Airport (London) alone handles more than 70 million passengers every year, making it the third busiest airport in the world after Atlanta and Chicago.

The total number of European airlines is steadily increasing, with all of them differing in their fleet and class of passenger service. All this is quite understandable, since, according to approximate estimates, approximately 47 million people live in 750 European countries.

airlines countries Europe It is now developing very rapidly, and every year there are new airlines to make the journey as comfortable as possible.

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