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A-12 Hurricane
A-12 Hurricane

A-12 Hurricane

A drone-12 «Hurricane" is very different from the other UAV dimensions in a vertical take-off operation. This aircraft is of high demand in the city. Flight tests are conducted with 2005 years. For greater agility and speed on the "Hurricane" established the petrol engine (the power - 7 hp..), Which is able to lift the machine up into the air with a mass of 18 kg. UAV can operate at a distance of 20 km, and its flight duration is one hour.

UAV A-12 «Hurricane" can be used for many purposes. In particular:

  • To conduct anti-terrorist operations in the special units of the Ukrainian Interior Ministry complex architectural environment of the city, the woods or the mountains.

  • For environmental monitoring.

  • Searching for binding sites detected at a given location.

  • To patrol oil and gas pipelines, important protected sites.

  • In the process of exploration areas of major accidents and disasters.

  • To carry out the security measures on the territory of the state border.

  • As an additional technical support to monitor the protected objects.

  • Implementation of the actions of the military security field units.

Fan A-12 «Hurricane," which raises the machine in the air is inside the structure. This feature provides additional protection under heavy or hard of flight in the city. Piloting the aircraft can only be experienced operator. Planting is carried out using the built-in parachute.

Onboard equipment UAV A-12 «hurricane" consists of:

  • Two cameras, exchange and review (manager) or a television camera.

  • Control equipment and digital radio.

  • Teploperedatchika a noise-like signal.

  • Control systems designed drone, is based on the processor module Sri-686E.

  • Satellite navigation systems, developed on the basis of GPS-35.

In bespilotnike "Hurricane" used satellite navigation system, due to which the video signal is supplied to the operator in real-time.

Flight Specifications: Weight - 18 kg; range - 20 km; airspeed - 140 km / h; service ceiling - 2 km; the length of the aircraft - 0,8 m; height LA ​​- 0,35 m; the duration of the flight - 1 hour; Manufacturer - CB "Rise", Ukraine.

A-12 Hurricane. Characteristics:

Modification A-12
Podёmnogo fan diameter, m 0.38
Length m 0.80
Height, m 0.35
Weight, kg  
maximum take-off 17.0
engine's type 1 database
Power, hp X 1 7
Radius of action, km 20
The flight duration, min 60


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