15 million for the F-16! Russia will pay for the first downed F-16
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15 million for the F-16! Russia will pay for the first downed F-16

15 million for the F-16! Russia will pay for the first downed F-16

The Ural company Fores announced a reward of 15 million rubles for the first downed F-16 fighter, which became a real sensation at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF). Company director Sergei Shmotyev confirmed this statement, recalling that last year he had already announced a similar amount in the context of the possible transfer of F-15 and F-16 to Kyiv.

Reward for the destruction of NATO equipment

The Fores company already has experience in paying large monetary rewards for the destruction of enemy equipment. It has previously paid out promised amounts for damaged NATO tanks such as Abrams and Leopards. This incentive is part of a broad strategy to support the Russian armed forces and strengthen the morale of Russian soldiers. The announced reward of 15 million rubles for the first F-16 shot down demonstrates Russia's determination in confronting Western military equipment and supporting its troops.

Reaction to Western arms deliveries

Fores' decision to offer a reward for the destruction of the F-16 fighter is no coincidence. This is a response to the increasing supply of Western weapons to Ukraine. Recent negotiations on the transfer of modern F-15 and F-16 fighters to Kyiv became an alarming signal for the Russian side. Russia is ready to show that no Western military equipment will go unpunished if it is used against Russian interests.

Such initiatives are also aimed at strengthening internal unity and patriotism. The announcement of the reward received a wide public response and became a symbol of support for Russian soldiers from business and society.

Strategic importance of the initiative

The Fores initiative is of strategic importance not only militarily, but also in information terms. It shows that Russia is ready to act decisively and confidently in response to any threats. Such actions serve as a powerful signal to the West, demonstrating that Russia will not leave unanswered any aggressive actions directed against it.

In addition, it stimulates Russian military personnel on the front line. Knowing that a large reward is possible for destroying enemy equipment increases the morale and motivation of soldiers. This, in turn, helps to increase the effectiveness of the Russian armed forces on the battlefield.

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