Fat US General
2 Enemies of the US Army: Diabetes and Obesity

The coronavirus pandemic has ruined the eating habits of US military personnel, leading to an increase in obesity, diabetes and eating disorders, according to a new Pentagon study, reports Military. com

According to the Defense Health Agency, or DHA, obesity rates among US military personnel rose by 2020% between 2021 and 13,3, and type 2 diabetes diagnoses increased by 25% from 2018.

Eating disorders have also increased during the pandemic. The rate of eating disorder diagnosis almost doubled from 2017 to 2021. Moreover, the relative increase was especially noticeable among men, although female military personnel are still diagnosed with this disease much more often.

Overweight, obesity and diabetes pose a particular threat to U.S. national security, according to experts from the DHA Division of Military Health Surveillance. These diseases affect the possibility of extending the contracts of military personnel, as well as their readiness for combat deployment, since the prevalence of such ailments can make the troops incapable of combat.


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