5 Iskanders attacked the Poltava region and the Mirgorod airfield
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5 Iskanders attacked the Poltava region and the Mirgorod airfield

5 Iskanders attacked the Poltava region and the Mirgorod airfield

Recent attacks by Russian Iskander missiles on the Poltava region of Ukraine, in particular on the Mirgorod airfield, caused serious destruction. Later, additional strikes were carried out, which led to colossal smoke in the region.

Attack on Mirgorod airfield

The Poltava region again came under attack from Russian Iskanders, which was a repeated attack on the strategically important Mirgorod airfield. According to preliminary data, about five missile arrivals were recorded in the region. The Mirgorod airfield, an important military facility, has repeatedly become the target of attacks, which emphasizes its importance in the military infrastructure of Ukraine.

Strikes on the Mirgorod airfield cause serious damage to logistics and the ability to quickly move Ukrainian military forces. Damage to runways and hangars, destruction of equipment and machinery - all this significantly reduces the combat effectiveness and efficiency of the Ukrainian army in this region. In addition, attacks on such facilities create additional pressure on the Ukrainian leadership, demanding the redistribution of resources to restore infrastructure.

Military strategy and tactics of using Iskanders

Iskander missile systems are powerful weapons with high accuracy and destructive power. Their use in conflicts makes it possible to strike key enemy infrastructure with minimal risk to the attacking forces. In the case of the Poltava region and the Mirgorod airfield, the use of Iskanders is aimed at undermining the military capabilities of Ukraine and creating a strategic advantage for Russia.

According to preliminary data, as a result of the strikes, at least two enemy military aircraft were destroyed, and several more may have been damaged.

The tactics of using Iskander missiles are to carry out targeted strikes on critical targets, which makes it possible to disable significant elements of the enemy’s military infrastructure. The high mobility and stealth of Iskanders make them an effective means of quickly and accurately completing assigned tasks.

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