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An-72 (NATO code: Coaler - "Coalman") - military transport aircraft. Designed at the design bureau. Antonova O.K. to replace the aircraft An-26. Armed with the air forces of Russia and some other countries. Aircraft engines for specific placement of called "Cheburashka". There are civil variation.


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An-72 photo


In November 1983, test pilots Maximov and S. Popovich M. set world records for the highest flight altitude - 72 meters, horizontal flight altitude - 13410 meters for aircraft of this class on the An-12980.
Test pilot Gorbik S. in 1985 developed a speed of 72 km / h on the An-681,8 on a 2000-km closed route.


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By design it is a high-wing aircraft. There is a swept wing. The extraordinary placement of the engines at the top of the wing in the forward nacelle increases the lift due to the Coanda effect. When the flaps and slats are deflected, the jet stream, which escapes from the nozzle of the engines, "sticks" to the wing, flowing around the top of the flap and wing without separation, accelerates the air flow over it. According to the laws of aerodynamics, an increase in flow velocity causes a decrease in air pressure. And the greater the pressure difference above and below the wing, the greater the lift, and, accordingly, the takeoff and landing characteristics of the aircraft improve.


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The development of military transport aircraft An-72, having a short take-off and landing, engaged in Antonov Design Bureau in the early 1970 of Under the plan, it was supposed to replace turboprop An-26. By air introduces a new technology for creating additional lift designed for passing gas flow nozzles under wing engine. The author of this idea was the chief designer OK Antonov. This principle is based on the so-called Coanda effect, which was discovered and patented back in 1932, the

At the initial stage of development was carried out solely on the initiative of the Design Bureau, then it has supported the headquarters of the Air Force. By approving the project in the Air Force and the MAP, the theme of the front vehicle light aircraft involved in the work plan of the Antonov bureau. The device is code "aircraft 200». Work on the creation entrusted to lead designer YG Orlov. They were on previously lined with the layout scheme, which identified a win-win option, and the other to the attention of designers virtually taken.


The aircraft has a great similarity with the American «Boeing» YC-14, however, denied that the creators of technology borrowing ideas from overseas counterparts, saying that such an arrangement is caused by the need to protect the engines against the admission of third-party items. However, critics of this subject found more similarities with the Soviet car "Boeing" is not only one scheme.

After purging in aerotrube theoretical calculations with expectations. Indicator lift increased by almost 20%. special natural stands, which examined the interaction of the engine, the flap and the wing were made. To increase the surface blown, made in front of the center-removal engines, nacelles gave back a form that "smears" the exhaust stream of gas over the wing.


An on-72 arranged vysokoplana type having highly mechanized wing and T-tail. Purge aerotrube showed the formation of vortices in the ground engages the wing and fuselage. Therefore, during the flight the plane could change the quality of control. In order to reduce the rate of harmful interference, empennage made T-shaped. It helps to improve the directional stability and the installation of a powerful keel.

Overall performance of the cargo compartment of An-72 - 9 2,2 mx mx m 2,15 The aft cargo door is.. He closed the ramp, descending to arrival inside the cargo cabin of self-propelled equipment. Move any cargo can be carried on the roller conveyors, which are installed on the cabin floor. The control cabin is sealed, equipped with air conditioning.


In the summer, the first 1977-72 AN at Kiev aviation plant was built. The first flight was conducted 31 August of the same year, the crew led by test pilot V. The Terek. Completely finished testing the program, we took the decision to start serial production of the aircraft at the Kharkov aircraft factory.

During the operation of the AN-72 20 installed more world aviation records.


 Characteristics of the AN-72

  • Crew: 3-5 people.

  • Length: 28,07m

  • Height: 8,65m

  • Wing area: 98,62kv.m

  • Empty weight: 19500kg

  • The highest take-off weight: 32000kg

  • Engines: 2 × TRD D-36

  • Link: 2 × 6500kgs

  • Maximum speed: 720km / h

  • The speed at FL: 550-600km / h

  • Range: 2700km

  • Ferry range: 4700km

  • Maximum height: 10100m

  • The length of the strips for take-off: 800m

  • The length of the landing strip for: 450m


Antonov An-72. Gallery.

An-72 photo in flightAn-72 cockpitAn-72 runway

An-72 closeupAn-72 in the skyAn-72 view of the sky from above

An-72 photos below in the skyAn-72 photo in the skyAn-72 photo close-up on the runway


An-72 video

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suis interessé par la location d; un an72 pour l; afrique et ce pour un mois; ensuite si satisfaisant
achat de l; avion plus 5 autres exemplaires

When it really was the most powerful design office of the Union, but now times have changed, not for the better. Recently, only due to the fact that all the staff came out to protest, managed to beat off raider seizure of the plant and an illegal change of management officials. In Ukraine, the cunning people robbed all that remained despite the fact, how much damage it will cause in future production.

Antonovites done! During its existence, they have managed to maintain valuable skilled personnel, to develop a family of high-quality military fighter and attack aircraft, and this despite the fact that the state has not allocated a single penny on them !!!

This might easily recognizable to the naked eye. This plane probably more than one year will show off at the air show and air show, if the creators will see it develop. The fact that the aircraft sent to the ATO in the Donbass also read. It is wrong, in my opinion it is high time to stop the war.

Cool aircraft, seen that his creation reacted very demanding. On the outside, nothing superfluous, versatile, high quality made, time has already broken several records of dozens of aircraft.

Watched Ukrainian channel, which touted the aircraft and said that some of these will transfer to the National Guard under the order to "gain". And they will use them? Brad Stout, our guide Kamaz tons of humanitarian aid, and the Ukrainians, having at their disposal aircraft that can carry hundreds of tons of food, basic necessities for flood victims do not use it to help, and to incite conflict and the destruction of their citizens. To roll the world ... I'm in shock.

Hold on to the Antonovs! High-level KB,
machines worthy. Political foam will sink,
and the planes will still delight and delight for a long time!
We are with you !!!


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