Administrative plane
Administrative plane

Administrative plane

Administrative aircraft for transporting officials of commercial organizations and government agencies. this class of aircraft have passenger cabin with a high degree of comfort. The capacity of each aircraft depends on its type and may range from 6-8 15-20 to passengers. administrative class aircraft equipped with electronic means, which increase the level of comfort and allow passengers to work even during flights.


This class of aircraft are generally used as the implementation of air transport passengers without a certain range of the official schedule on any routes. It can be operated by individuals in personal purposes, companies and organizations for transportation partners and employees. Considered general aviation.

For the first time the concept of an "administrative plane" appeared in the USSR, when planes of this kind were used only for government officials and party leaders. In the modern term, the term "business jet" is used. But it is not exact, because the word "jet" means "jet engine", and for the status of an administrative aircraft there are enough turbojet or piston engines. There are also models of aircraft (LA), which are specially designed for operation as administrative or private, but for such purposes any passenger aircraft, for example, based on Boeing 737 "Business Jet" or Airbus A319 Corporate Jetliner, can be used. These aircraft, of course, include the aircraft of the heads of state. Directly VC-25 serves the president of the United States, and IL-96-300PU - the president of the Russian Federation.

The administrative class of aircraft began to be used practically from the very beginning. The first project was carried out on the basis of transport aircraft and passenger airliners, which were pre-equipped with a convenient cabin, and sometimes a standard version was left. The separation into a separate class began at the end of the 50-ies. In 1958, a twin-engine "Gulf Stream" was designed, which basically transported employees of huge corporations. The main differences between administrative and conventional aircraft were manifested when a reactive model appeared. For commercial use, most airlines needed LA with maximum passenger capacity, and private and business flights required higher speeds, and the number of passengers needed to be small. This additionally provided a high status.

The very first business jet is "Lochhead Jetstar", which made its first flight in September 1957 years. Along with the championship it is a unique example of an administrative class of aircraft engines 4. In 60-X started to appear early versions of business jets, which produced the same companies that are developing new models and now:

  1. Hawker-Siddeley-125 first flew on August 13 63-year.

  2. Falcon 20 - 4 May 63-year.

  3. Learjet 23 - 7 1963 October year.

Then in October 66-year made its first flight on the development of the company "Grumman" based on a spiral model "Gulfstream 2".

In our time, the most popular model is the Cessna-Citation aircraft. And the fastest in the entire market to date is Citation X. Generally, there are a lot of business jets. In the 21 century, ultra-light models like "Honda Jet", large and expensive "Gulf Stream Aerospace", "Challenger", "Global" or "Falcon" began to appear. But they are not considered to be the largest, since in 30-x years the converted airliners were operated as corporate or private ones. A lot of states apply trunk airliners for flights of the first persons with special equipment. In the Soviet Union, almost all models had a modification of the "salon", which was intended for transportation of important delegations and party personalities. Thus, manufacturers began to design special versions of Airbus Corporate Jetliner and Boeing Business Jet.

Advantages of aircraft grade administrative unit are to:

  1. Ability to gain tremendous speed, reducing the time to wait.

  2. Direct flight.

  3. Quiet moving to LA and work on board the aircraft.

  4. Individual planning and efficiency of travel.

  5. Implementation of takeoffs and landings at airports, except a lot of transplants.

The use of a business jet may be different, but it focuses on the transportation of important and wealthy individuals, since the cost of this class is very high in comparison with other aircraft. It can be used as a private jet for businessmen or companies, as a business charter for charter flights, or as a partial property, which means the acquisition of aircraft time. 


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Administrative plane



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Air carrier

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counterinsurgency aircraft



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