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Aeritalia G.91Y
Aeritalia G.91Y

Aeritalia G.91Y


Tactical fighter-bomber developed on the basis of G-91. Was adopted (1971 city). The aircraft could strike at ground targets on the battlefield and in the depth of the defense.

Powerplant: one turbojet engine with a thrust of 1850 kg.


Aeritalia G.91Y photo

Aeritalia G.91Y photo

Performance characteristics Aeritalia G.91Y:



  • Wingspan, m 9,01

  • Length, m 11,67

  • Height, m ​​4,43

  • Launch weight, kg 8700

  • flight speed, km / h 1080

  • Flight range, km 3400

  • Ceiling, m 12 500


Aeritalia G.91Y scheme

Aeritalia G.91Y scheme


Small arms Aeritalia G.91Y:

  • Gun x 2 30-mm

  • Unguided rockets 28 50,8 x mm x 4 127 mm

  • Bomb load kg 1800


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