Airfield brake trolley ATT-2M-01 - production features
Airfield brake trolley ATT-2M-01 - production features

Airfield brake trolley ATT-2M-01 - production features

The airfield brake trolley is equipment produced by Pilot Plant No. 31 GA LLC. This product is designed to determine the braking conditions of aircraft pneumatic wheels based on the friction coefficient. This technique is used at airports for various purposes: from local to hub ones. It solves a number of problems related to the uninterrupted operation of civil air harbors.

Airfield brake trolley ATT-2M-01


Airfield brake trolley, the production of which is considered one of the main tasks of the company, has been produced for many years. Engineers constantly modernize and refine it, thus improving its technical and operational characteristics.

With proper use, the service life is 7 years. After this, a decision is made to write off or overhaul the trolley, which can extend its service life by another 3 years. Maintenance and repair work must be carried out in a heated room with air humidity of 80% and illumination of 300 lux.

The airfield brake trolley receives positive comments from customers.

Buyers note:

  • Ease of use,

  • technical specifications,

  • inexpensive service.

ATT-2M-01 is a modernized version of ATT-2M. It differs from its predecessor in the presence of an electromechanical clutch with a remote control method. Moreover, the improved model was developed in crisis conditions - at a time when Western companies left the Russian market, and domestic ones were under sanctions. Nevertheless, the company’s team completed the work on time.

Today, the products of this manufacturer are used by most airports in Russia. It almost completely replaced equipment from unfriendly states. At the same time, Russian equipment is not inferior in quality to Western equipment, and its price is lower. And maintenance, according to customers, is much simpler and cheaper.

Counterfeit copies on the market

On the Internet you can find such a product model as ATT-VPP. This airfield brake trolley is a counterfeit manufactured by the Aviaproduct company. This manufacturer almost completely copied the development of Pilot Plant No. 31 GA LLC. And this is not an unfounded accusation: the Moscow Arbitration Court upheld the claim of Plant No. 31, recognized the product of Aviaproduct LLC as counterfeit and prohibited this company from manufacturing and selling the ATT-VPP model.

The original airfield brake trolley can be purchased on the plant’s website. Please note that its real name is ATT-2M-01. The remaining interpretations presented on the Internet are fakes, which are copied and then sold by unscrupulous manufacturers. How safe and reliable such counterfeit is is unknown.

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