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Aerokon INSPECTOR-201 Multipurpose UAV
Aerokon INSPECTOR-201 Multipurpose UAV

Aerokon INSPECTOR-201 Multipurpose UAV

"Inspector-201" - one of the three development ZAO "Aerokon" drone created by the chief designer Alexander Kornushenko. Mass of the apparatus at the start of 1,3 kg payload - 150 of "Inspector-201" is equipped with a television camera or a planned forward vision or a digital camera with an extension 10 megapixels. This drone is classified as medium-sized drones, and can perform the task within a radius 5 km, staying in the air 45 minutes.

The complex consists of 2 UAV ground control station, means of transport and security.

Deployment time is represented by the complex 10 minutes, the mass-pack container with an unmanned machine - 6 kg. Take-off is made with a catapult. Planting may be carried out "on its belly" (in an aircraft) or via parachute. For takeoff and landing require designated area dimensions 75h75 m.

The complex is air surveillance, consisting of drones "Inspector 201", in 2009 year was different kind of test and demonstrated in front of representatives of the Russian Air Force and members of the state commission.

Aerokon INSPECTOR-201 multipurpose UAV. Characteristics:

Modification Inspector-201
Wingspan, m 0.80
Length m  
Height, m  
Weight, kg  
maximum take-off 1.30
engine's type 1 ED
Power, hp 1 x
Cruising speed, km / h 55-120
Practical range, km 45
Radius of action, km  
The flight duration, min 30-60
Operating altitude, m 100-500
Practical ceiling, m 4000


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