Aktau Airport
Aktau Airport

Airport Aktau (Aktau Airport). Official site.

Aktau International Airport - the airport, located in 20 km north-west of the city of Aktau (Magnistau region, Kazakhstan). According to statistics, the airport has served 2013 passengers for the 776 year, a number that exceeds the population of the city 4 times. The airport’s high-level operation has been supported by Turkish investors (ATM Grup), who own 100% of the company's shares.


The international airport of Aktau is class B and is capable of receiving such aircraft as Il-76, Boeing-747, An-225 "Mriya", An-124 and lighter aircraft and helicopters. The aerodrome is designed for the possibility of sending and receiving equipment necessary for companies to develop offshore oil fields. The location near the seaport and the well-established railway infrastructure helps to carry cargoes in combination by rail, air and sea. The airfield is located on a flat terrain, the average weather facilitates the flights, the runway was laid along the wind rose, which minimizes the closure of the airfield due to a strong side wind. The date of putting the aerodrome into operation is 1983 year. Before the collapse of the Soviet Union, it was called Shevchenko-Central (the name was received from Shevchenko airport, located within the city). There are no civil transport routes from the city to the airport. The airfield is the base for individual models of military aviation (Su-27 and Su-25). In 2004, the joint decision of the Ministry of Transport and the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Aktau airfield, was categorized as a joint civil aviation facility. The deployment of the air defense forces in Kazakhstan is due to the strengthening of the protection of the state's western border.

Information for passengers

The airport terminal of Aktau visual warning system works on flights. Passengers can keep track of current information about departure and arrival scheduled on 24 hours.

International Departure Hall has six reception area, lounge domestic flight - 9 racks, 2 stand there in the CIP-hall. Registration and landing on aircraft plying the domestic and international flights, for 1,5 hours begin and end 40 minutes before departure.

Airlines set the baggage allowance, it is equal to 20 kg plus 5 kg with hand luggage. Baggage transportation, the weight of which exceeds the norm, is paid according to the tariffs of the airlines. Usually domestic flights are subject to the tariff 200-400 tenge / kg, international flights - 400-800 tenge / kg. When crossing the state border, all persons fill out their data in the migration card, where they indicate the name, first name, patronymic, citizenship, the number of children crossing the border (up to 16 years), the purpose of arrival in the country, the receiving party and data on the place of registration of the receiving party. After filling in the card, the migration police must put a check-in on the place of arrival. Persons who stay in the Republic of Kazakhstan for up to five days will not need a registration mark.

The country's legislation allows for a one-time export of funds abroad in the amount of $ 10 without declaring. If a passenger wants to take out cash in the equivalent of more than $ 000, he must first declare it to the customs service. 

Basic data of Aktau airport:

  • Airport country: Kazakhstan.
  • GMT time zone (summer / winter): + 5 / + 5.
  • Airport coordinates: longitude 51.09, latitude 43.86.


Aktau (Aktau Airport). Official site: www.aktau-airport.kz

Aktau (Aktau Airport). Official site.


Airport Codes:

  • IATA airport code: SCO.
  • ICAO airport code: UATE.
  • Internal airport code: ААУ.


Contact details:

  • E. mail Airport: [email protected].
  • City airport management telephone: +77292468045.
  • The mailing address of the airport: airport, Aktau, Mangistau region, Kazakhstan, 130000.
  • City airport information phone: +77292468096.
  • Airport Fax: +77292421322.



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