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Airport Khrabrovo Kaliningrad (Kaliningrad Khrabrovo Airport). Official site.


Kaliningrad Khrabrovo International Airport is located at a distance of 20 kilometers northeast of the downtown area near the village of the same name. He is kind of a transit point for airlines that carry out flights between Russia and Europe. It is the only airport in Kaliningrad, which connects the most western and the most isolated region of the Russian Federation with the rest of the country.

The story begins in a distant airport 1922 year. Hence it was laid the first regular air route Moscow-Koenigsberg. In 1945 year on the basis of one of the oldest European airports it founded the Soviet airport, which was the beginning of the entire civil aviation in our country.

Apart from the Civil Aviation Airport Khrabrovo is jointly administered by the Emergency Situations Ministry aircraft, the FSB and the Ministry of Defence.


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Brief chronology of the development of the airport "Kaliningrad Khrabrovo"

In the property of the Soviet Union and all of the airport property was transferred only 1945 year. Only 1961 years at the airport beginning united squadron based and aircraft carrier companies.

With 1977, the airport "Kaliningrad Khrabrovo" started to service passenger aircraft Tu-134. Two years later, he was prostroen new terminal, which enables the maintenance of a large number of customers. In 1988, the airport began a receiving aircraft Tu-154.

In 1992 year "Kaliningrad Khrabrovo" becomes an independent company and is separated from the association "Vnukovo". A year later, it was the first regular flight of international importance.

The new stage of development began with 2004 year, when they started to build a new modern passenger terminal, which would meet international standards of quality of service. In the same year, we had a reconstruction of the runway and upgraded navigation equipment. 2007 summer has already been put into operation a new airport terminal, which is able to cater for up to 3 million passengers per year. Because of the financial problems of all construction and repair work at the airport "Kaliningrad Khrabrovo» were frozen.

Resumption of repair began only in the autumn of 2014 years. The new project was planned extension of the runway to 3,5 kilometers. Also, the platform has been expanded.

For all the time the airport "Khrabrovo Kaliningrad" was recorded only one aviation incident. This occurred 1.10.2008, when the airliner Boeing 737 carried out an emergency landing on a runway without landing gear. As a result of the landing, all passengers and crew were unharmed regard to the apparatus, it was severely damaged engine nacelles and fuselage.


Near the international airport Khrabrovo are the following hotels where you can stay for the night:

  • - Hotel Nesselbeck;

  • - Hotel Princess Eliza;

  • - Villa Elisa Sarkau;

  • - Manor Hotel;

  • - Hotel Baltic crown.


From the international airport Khrabrovo to Kaliningrad can be reached in the following ways:

  • 1) bus.

Passes through the airport shuttle route № 144. It leads to the South Bus Station and the city center. The trip takes about 50 minutes.

  • 2) Aeroexpress.

To the airport is a dead-end railway line that leads railway line connecting Kaliningrad and Svetlogorsk. Currently, this branch is not used to carry passengers. But there is a plan to run trains Aeroexpress, which is under construction.

  • 3) Taxi.

The most efficient and fastest way to transfer any corner of the earth. Use the services of taxi companies can be in the parking lot, which is located near the building of the airport.


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At the international airport of Kaliningrad Khrabrovo you may be offered the following services and maintenance:

  • - luggage office;

  • - Tracing Service lost luggage;

  • - medical Center;

  • - VIP-room;

  • - Mother and child room;

  • - Shops;

  • - cafes and restaurants;

  • - Representation of the different airlines;

  • - ATMs, banks and currency exchange services;

  • - Post office and much more.


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Basic data:

  • The international airport in the western Russian city of Kaliningrad.

  • Airport Coordinates: Latitude 54.89, 20.59 longitude.

  • All times are GMT (winter / summer): + 3 / + 3.

  • Country Airport location: Russia.

  • IATA airport code: KGD.

  • ICAO airport code: UMKK.

  • Internal code: Qld.


Airport Khrabrovo Kaliningrad on the map:


Contact details:

  • Airport Fax: + 74012610311.

  • Telephone airport management: + 74012610310.

  • Telephone reference Airport: + 74012610610.

  • The mailing address of the airport: Airport Khrabrovo settlement, Guryev district, Kaliningrad region, Russia, 238315.


Airport Khrabrovo Kaliningrad. Official site:

Airport Khrabrovo Kaliningrad. Official site.

Airport Khrabrovo Kaliningrad on the map:

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A terrible organization at the airport, both inspection and check-in for flights. We arrived at the airport for 2 hours, wanted to hand over the luggage and feed the children. But alas. We spend all the time in lines. Children will remain cold. So far, we stand for registration. We all understand, there is a repair. But ... Think about how the flow of people to serve a little bit faster.

The business lounge resembles a torture chamber: a complete lack of ventilation and air conditioning. Shame on the guests!

My wife flew from Kaliningrad to Moscow today and after arriving she did not find her luggage. Nobody knows what's going on.

Worse than the organization of landing passengers on the flight is not seen! It was necessary to fly to Moscow 16 August 2017 on the day of Putin's visit to Kaliningrad. This is simply not convey in words, not the airport, but one big anthill: the ads in the electronic scoreboard do not coincide with the actual reality, the baggage carrier does not work, things are simply put in a corner for further loading into the plane and, as a result, my relatives in Moscow Were left without a piece of luggage. At the airport everywhere, the bustle, crush, airport workers shouting alert passengers about the landing gate number and the arriving bus. In general, one large collective farm. To the status of an international airport, gentlemen, local officials, you still very, very long time !!! Even somehow for the Power it's a shame that you are entrusted to receive the guests of the World Cup in 2018!

I can not believe that all ended the nightmare that I had to endure 04-05 January 2017goda. 03.01.17 evening. in 22.30. Airport Khrabrovo emergency happened, the plane arrived from Moscow with damaged front landing gear and rolled over on its side. During the night, with 03.01.17. on 04.01.17, 04.01 all day. aircraft removed from the runway could not, and it is a region full of military equipment. The airport has accumulated a lot of people, the airport was closed, and the announcer declared at intervals of 1 hour to close it due to technical reasons. The ads were simply awful, with stuttering and long pauses, this we have not seen. People do not disperse in the hope that something will change. Flights canceled all. Thank Aeroflot representatives who somehow tried to help people. Airport staff just louts. Passengers spent the morning with the 05 04.01, and the whole day. and the airport, so in 23.00. all kicked out of the waiting room, because Airport is closed. Horror! Closer to the night rasslelitsya offered at the hotel (if you can call it that). Up to one in the morning made out 1, 50 minutes went, there still are processed 1,5 hours. We are all exhausted and tired. About 5 05.01.nas morning woke up and said he expects avtobus.Vse went out and got on the bus, but for some reason, we all sat in the bus even 2 hours !!! It's just a mockery lyudmi.Posle passengers disturbances took us to the airport, we went out (weather wind, snow and minus 10!), The area around the airport is not chischena, terrible ice, not sprinkled with anything, but we were not allowed in the building of the airport, that is. to. It was detected in the garnet input. And all the passengers had to stand again with small children in the cold almost 2 hours. Head Airport, as reported us to the police, even went to the people, did not explain anything. As it turned out, no video cameras at the airport, the second, there is no escape route, too, and most importantly no one and no is responsible for anything. Such a disgrace in this airport Khrabrovo we have not seen. For people just do not care !. Why security service where there is no clear airport, if the person who allegedly planted the grenade did not even recorded on video camera and found all, If you have already happened such a situation, we all know, but there must be some kind of human relation to passengers who find themselves hostage to this very situatsii.Nado to work with people, and not to sit in offices. Many ipassazhiry outraged when the question "Where is the chief Khrabrovo Airport? Invite him into the street, where the cold there are people with small children, the elderly, etc., "police officers blocked the entrance to the airport said" that the head does not want to meet you. " It's just a mess! Many will write in different instanktsii because this should not be in principle. Fly from Kaliningrad we could only 05 .01.17., We opazdali a connecting flight course. But it was nice when we were greeted by representatives of the St. Petersburg Aeroflot, all clearly explained who and where he is going, immediately offered to fly the next flight who lost connections, and we have already over 2,5 hours flew on home. Now that's service. Thank you to representatives of Aeroflot! And a shame chief Khrabrovo Airport and its team! Now we will try to "get this aeroport.desyatoy expensive."

"The story begins in a distant airport 1922 year. It was built the first regular air route Moscow-Koenigsberg".
The author, the first regular air route Moscow - Koenigsberg was laid not from here, but from azroporta Virgo, who is now on the outskirts of Kaliningrad and which functioned as a passenger, up to 60-ies.
And the second.
It so happens that I took control of the last of the passengers. I asked where the baggage rack. Out in the indicated direction and hit the check-in hall. I returned. Again pointed to the same passage. I was back in the hall of registration ...
At work I had been in many airports, but the reception area and the baggage rack in the same room for the first time saw at the airport Khrabrovo.

March 3 2015, the Packer luggage frankly rude, behaving inappropriately, refuses to serve, stain luggage. The help did not know to whom he reports. Phone Head 61-03-71, which was given after much asking, for the day had not responded. Name Head to help do not know, but explained that he sits in the administrative building and the entrance to a pass. Not surprisingly, the ham-packer boldly states: "complain still Packaging will not" - repeated several times.