Kiev Borispol Airport
Kiev Borispol Airport

Airport Kiev Borispol (Kyiv Boryspil International Airport). Official site.

Borispol - The largest international airport in Kiev (Ukraine). He is a leader in terms of passenger and cargo transportation on the territory of Ukraine. This state-owned enterprises and is called the "Boryspil International Airport".

The airport was built by architects A. V. Dobrovolsky, A. I. Malinovsky, D. P. Popenko.

The transport infrastructure facility is located in the city of Boryspil, 18,5 km east of the outskirts of Kiev (metro station "Boryspil" and "Kharkovskaya square"). This airport serves 62% of Ukraine's international flights. Passenger traffic in 2012 amounted to almost 8,5 million people. The record for the number of feasible flights per day was the date of the European Championship final - 1.07.2012/630/272. On this day, 358 flights were carried out (39317 for departure and 9 for arrival). The maximum number of passengers who used the services of the airport was 43 people. Boryspil's services are used by 95 Ukrainian and 12 international airlines, which operate regular flights to 83 different directions (XNUMX local and XNUMX international). All types of aircraft can take off and land at the airfield.


At the airport there 5 terminals for passengers and 2 terminal serving cargo:

  • Terminal A - is intended for passengers flying on domestic flights (within Ukraine). Closed from 14.09.2011/XNUMX/XNUMX. Currently under reconstruction.
  • Terminal B - until the end of 2014 served a part of international flights and domestic ones. Then flights to international destinations began to be operated from Terminal D. At the moment, the terminal is temporarily closed.
  • Terminal C - 01.08.2012 served to VIP-clients. Since early August, 2012 years it was closed and transferred servicing VIPs in Terminal D.
  • Terminal D - the main terminal. It serves domestic and international flights, as well as to service of VIP-passengers. It expanded in 2014, after which eliminated the need for transit passengers to take control.
  • Terminal E - trucking services.
  • Terminal F - serves charter flights. Currently closed, carried out renovation work to transform the terminal into the cargo.
  • BW - cargo terminal.

The complex is located three-star hotel "Borispol". The hotel is well suited for both short and long stays. Featured standby flight operation provides a café bar and restaurant.

In 2007, the reconstruction of Terminal B was completed. The official opening of Terminal D was held on 28.05.2012 of the year. Terminal F was opened 31.10.2010. To the Borispol airport they want to build a high-speed railway line.     


Terminal «B»

A long period of time the terminal is considered the main terminal at the airport Borispol. Here are representative offices of travel agencies, airlines, banks, bars, cafes and shops, there is access to the Internet, a luggage office and a business center. The primary users of the terminal are tourists who travel to the countries of near and far abroad. Therefore, before you get on board your aircraft, you need to go through security check points. They are located in the departure hall. Upon completion of the procedure for registration and control of aviation security, a passenger can take a place in the waiting room. On the second floor of the terminal there is an international zone where Duty-free shops operate. In 2011, the reconstruction of the gallery was completed. To date, the terminal serves domestic charters and scheduled flights. The charter operator is the airline of Kharkov Airlines.

The terminal capacity - 1100-1200 people per hour (for international flights) and 600-650 people per hour (domestic flights in Ukraine). Area - 36035,2 m².

The reception area is located 43 reception desk. 17 cabins performing 7 passport control and aviation security checkpoints.

Terminal «C»

Serves VIP passengers, especially those traveling on private small aircraft. Located on the right side of Terminal B. Equipped with its own guarded parking lot. The terminal has separate lounges, a conference room, a banquet and meeting room. The terminal has been closed since 2012. VIP passengers are served in the Premier Lounge of Terminal D.

The terminal «F»

21.09.2010 was inaugurated, the first passengers received in late October 2010 was engaged in service only international flights. Bandwidth up to 1,5 thousand. Persons per hour (on arrival) and up to 900 people per hour (for the flight).

The area of ​​the terminal: 20685,6 m².

In the reception area were 13 check-in counters with the system of weighing and feeding of baggage, 1-hour worked for passengers provozyaschih oversized baggage. Also, the registration area was equipped with a Web-kiosks, to conduct an independent check of passengers.

At the present time the terminal is closed and converted into a truck.

The terminal «D»

Terminal D is the largest in Ukraine. Its area is 107 m². It is capable of providing a passenger traffic of up to 000 people per hour, that is, about 3000 million passengers per year. But he never had to work at full capacity.

Zone register a new terminal complex has a large number of check-in counters (66, of which 6 - web-kiosks), 18 aviation security control points and 28 passport control booths. All this turns unloads during check-in. Also for your convenience, the terminal is equipped with escalators, elevators and travelator. The terminal has a fixed 11 Aeromosts with the automated system embarkation / disembarkation of passengers. They allow you to take a class at the same time 5 aircraft or Boeing 737 6 - class Boeing 747.

The terminal is a VIP-hall, the corresponding high requirements in terms of service and comfort of the most demanding guests. He now serves domestic and international passenger traffic, so transit passengers can not take place in terms of passport and customs control.

Cargo Terminal

Used for freight service. Next to it is placed station for trucks. Parking of the terminal is designed for the location of her to 17 aircraft.

Basic data of Kiev Borispol airport:

  • Airport country: Ukraine.
  • The main international airport is Ukrainian.
  • Airport founded: 1959.
  • GMT time zone (summer / winter): + 3 / + 2.
  • Airport coordinates: longitude 30.89, latitude 50.35.
  • Geographical location: 19 kilometers east of Kiev, not far from the city of Borispol.
  • Number of airport terminals: 3.


Kiev Boryspil (Kyiv Boryspil International Airport). Official site:

Kiev Boryspil (Kyiv Boryspil International Airport). Official site.


Airport Codes:

  • IATA airport code: KBP.
  • ICAO airport code: UKBB.
  • Internal airport code: BSP.


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