Kirovograd Airport
Kirovograd Airport

Airport Kirovograd (Kirovograd Airport).

Airport Kirovograd - Ukrainian airport located in the city of Kirovograd. During Soviet times, Kirovograd Airport passengers carried in various cities of the Union. The most popular route was Kirovograd - Kiev. At the present time, regular flights from the airport are not met. Object specializes in charter and commercial passenger traffic (mainly on the orders of the UN).

The present state of the airport

Today, Kirovograd Airport does not exist as an integral organization. The terminal is owned by IAAC “URGA” airline. The runway suitable for flights is owned by the State Flight Academy. The municipal enterprise "Airport Kirovograd" owns a taxiway for taxiing aircraft and several administrative buildings. The runway needs renovation.

Kirovograd Airport: Prospects for Development

At present, they plan to establish an international airport in Kirovograd. To create it, it is necessary to sign an agreement between the owners of the property of the airport - the State Flight Academy, the municipal enterprise “Airport Kirovograd” and IAAC “URGA”. According to the document compiled, IAAC “URGA” will lease the entire complex for 49 years. Reconstruction work at the air terminal is now being completed. Capital funds in the amount of 20 million hryvnia is not enough for the reconstruction of the runway, on which 600 coverage meters have already been laid and still need to build 2000 m.

Leonid Shmayevich located on the position of General Director MAAK "Urga", declared its readiness to provide charter flights Airport Kirovograd. To this end the company's disposal there are planes with a seating capacity of up to 48 people. Airport capacity after reconstruction is 50 passengers per hour. Now completed construction of a new modern international terminal covers an area of ​​m 5002.

The opening of the airport

The opening of Kirovograd Airport dates back to 22.11. 2010, with the participation of the President of Ukraine V. Yanukovych. The guarantor of the Constitution cut the ribbon in front of the entrance to the new air terminal and went through a tour of its premises (aviation security control room, registration hall, waiting room and passport control hall). At that time, according to the head of the RSA, the completion of the runway with a length of 2100 meters began. It is designed to receive aircraft of all categories. Currently, flights from Kirovograd airport are not operated by IAAC “URGA”.

Key data airport Kirovograd:

  • Airport Country: Ukraine.
  • Regional airport of Kirovograd in the center of Ukraine.
  • GMT time zone (summer / winter): + 3 / + 2.
  • Coordinates of the airport: longitude 32.28, latitude 48.54.

Kirovograd Airport (Kirovograd Airport). Official site: no.

Airport Kirovograd (Kirovograd Airport) .1

Airport Codes:

  • IATA airport code: KGO.
  • ICAO airport code: UKKG.
  • Internal airport code: KRG.

Contact details:

  • Base airport airlines are airlines: Urga (AirUrga).
  • City Airport Help Phone: + 380522344035.

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