Nukus Airport
Nukus Airport

Airport Nukus (Nukus Airport).

Nukus International Airport is located near the eponymous town in the northwestern part of Uzbekistan, in the capital of the autonomous republic of Karakalpakstan.

In 60-ies, an aerodrome was built with a runway length of 1900 m. After 20 years, a new runway of concrete with a length of 2500 m was built parallel to it, and the old runway was converted into a taxiway. In 90-ies, the new runway was extended by 500 m, so the airport was able to receive air-buses of the type Il-86. Since the times of the USSR, Nukus is considered a reserve airfield in the Aral Sea area. In the period from 60-x to 90-e year from the airport passenger flights were carried out on local air routes on An-2 aircraft. The main destinations are: Muynak, Urgench, Kungrad, Kazakhdarya, Takhtakupyr, Aspantai, Tulei. Until 90-ies, Nukus airport was the site of the 169 flight detachment of the Uzbek Civil Aviation Administration of the USSR (An-2 and Yak-40 airships). In addition, Nukus was considered a military airfield - 101-I a separate aviation test squadron with Mi-8 helicopters and An-26 aircraft. It was used to provide a testing ground for VSHZ (Eighth Chemical Protection Station), located on the Ustyurt plateau near the village of Zhaslyk. In 93, the squadron was taken to the airfield in Bagay-Baranovka. Since 2005, the airport began to be modernized. A new air terminal was built, and in the period from 2006 to 2007 year, light-signaling modern equipment was installed. As of the 2015 year, several An-2 aircraft are located at Nukus airport, which are used for aerial work in Karakalpakstan.

The types of aircraft used in the airport: aircraft Antonov - 12, 24, 26, 28, 30, 32, 72, 74, 124, Ilyushin 62, 76, 86, 96, Tupolev - 134, 154, Yakovlev - 40, 42, Airbus - A310, A319, A320, ATR 42, ATR 72, Boeing - 737, 757, 767, 410-A and other similar types of sun-3 and 4-graders; all types of helicopters. Classification of the runway - 44 / F / A / X / T.

The current state of airport

Between 2008 2011 year for airlines to Nukus "Muscovy", "Ural Airlines", "Uzbekistonhavoyullari" and "Gazpromavia" regular flights in Fergana, Moscow, Tashkent and Andijan. In late June, 2011 year began a large-scale reconstruction of the runway. For 110 days completely laid asphalt coating length 3000 m. Also had a major overhaul for aircraft parking and apron.

Currently, there are more than 20 scheduled passenger flights from the airport. Reconstruction of the airport complex has increased passenger traffic. They built an additional building that includes a high-level service hall and an air traffic agency. New checkpoints were erected, new equipment was installed to ensure the safe and uninterrupted operation of aircraft complying with international standards of ICAO. In the future, it is planned to build a new terminal, a hotel complex and a place of provision of motor vehicles. 

Basic data of Nukus airport:

  • Airport country: Uzbekistan.
  • GMT time zone (summer / winter): + 5 / + 5.
  • Airport coordinates: longitude 59.62, latitude 42.49.
  • Number of airport terminals: 1.


Nukus Airport (Nukus Airport). Official site: no. 

Airport Nukus (Nukus Airport) .1

Airport Nukus (Nukus Airport) .2


Airport Codes:

  • IATA airport code: NCU.
  • ICAO airport code: UTNN.
  • Internal airport code: NUS.


Contact details:

  • E. mail Airport: [email protected]
  • City airport management telephone: +998612228535.
  • The mailing address of the airport: Dosnadzarov st., B / n, Nukus, Uzbekistan, 742005.
  • City airport information phone: +998612220322.
  • Airport Fax: +998612228535.



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