Wilkins Airport (Wilkins Runway)
Wilkins Airport (Wilkins Runway)

Wilkins Airport (Wilkins Runway)

Airport Country: Antarctica

The geographical location of the airport: in 65km from the coast of the Southern Ocean, in the eastern part of Antarctica near the eastern part of the Mawson Sea

  • ICAO airport code: YWKS.
  • Runway length: 4000m (rigid ice cover).
  • Status: Federal Value

Wilkins Airport (Wilkins Runway) photo

Wilkins Airport (Wilkins Runway) photo

Named after the famous Australian aviator Hubert Wilkins, who made the first flight over the Antarctic.

The construction of the runway in the Australian Antarctic territories planned back in 1950-ies. But because of environmental, political, logistical problems delayed continuously.

WFP construction began only in 2005 year. The site was chosen on the Peterson Upper Glacier, which is approximately 700m thick and moving at a speed of approximately 12m / year. On the implementation of the project took 46,3 million Australian dollars.

The first flight was planned back in December, 2007, but to ensure regular flights, the Australian Department of Civil Aviation Safety Control put forward strict flight support requirements for Skytraders for flight maintenance. In addition, the authorities require the air carrier to combine the delivery of cargo and passengers to the Casey base to monitor the whaling Japanese ships that conduct prohibited fishing off the coast of Antarctica.

Wilkins Airport (Wilkins Runway) photo

Wilkins Airport (Wilkins Runway) photo

The first flight on the route Wilkins - Hobart proschel 11.01.2008. Plane AirbusA319 overcame 4,5 hours away in 3400km. On board were 19 passengers, including the Australian Environment Minister Peter Garrett, as well as a group of scientists led by the head of the Australian Antarctic Research Institute.

Flights Antarctica, Tasmania is currently performing regularly during the polar day (October-March) on the plane A319 aviation company Skytraders weekly from

Hobart International Airport. This flight is not available for tourists, it serves only the members of research expeditions and scientists.

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