The airport in Montenegro which city
The airport in Montenegro which city

The airport in Montenegro which city: distance, location

One of the most popular resorts for the Russians - is Montenegro. It attracts with its wonderful nature and is close in spirit to Russia. To relax there, it is necessary to know what there is an airport in Montenegro and in what city.

In this country there are two airports, both international: in Podgorica and Tivat.

In general, they both meet the standards, though have a small building. But at the same time there is a modest little shops, taxis, and representatives of various airlines. And this for a tourist is often sufficient. One drawback Tivat - is the lack of a cafe.

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The peculiarity of these airports that need to come back for 1,5-2 hours before departure.

Airfields in Montenegro can take regular and charter flights from the Russian Federation and Europe. Planes from Asia land at Tivat airport.

Which airport I choose?

The airport in Montenegro. In what city. Characteristic.

1. Podgorica Airport is located on 11 km south of the city and is considered the hub for Montenegro Airlines (“Montenegrin Airlines”). It is also called "Golubovchi" - by the name of the nearest city. This airport was awarded an important award in 2007, “The best airport to 1 million people” (it serves the 400 000 people per year). In Podgorica, there are flights of airlines such as: Airlines, Montenegro Airlines, Airways, Adria Austrian.

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The length of the runway is approximately 2500 meters. This does not allow the airport to take too large planes. Due to the fact that in some periods there are too many tourists, the airport from April to October is too busy. It was at this time that Podgorica serves not only regular flights, but also charter flights, of which there are quite a few. In 2006, a new modern terminal was built with an unusual design, comfortable, which is able to serve about 1 million people per year. It is also interesting for the innovation of lighting - reflected light. Podgorica Airport operates around the clock.

The building has a bank branch, a free trade zone, two cafes, various kiosks, car rental desk. paid short and long-term parking is available near the airport. At that time, when a new terminal building took place, carried out the repair and completion of airfield lighting and taxiways.

Very close to the airport there are several hotels in different price categories. Of course, it is very convenient, especially for tourists who arrive later in the day. In addition, there are many around the villages and towns, where you can find comfortable accommodation. Getting to Podgorica, as well as to most of the localities of the Adriatic coast, it is possible, following in the tracks and E65 E80. Some call the airport "Heart of Montenegro."

2. Tivat Airport is only 4 km from the center. In Montenegro, this airfield has the name "Gateway of the Adriatic". From here there is a daily flight to Belgrade (Serbia) and 2 times a week flights to Moscow. It is focused mainly on the service and reception of charter flights. They bring tourists from the countries of the world. Therefore, the airport is full only during the tourist season. Starting from April to September, Tivat can be reached using S7 airlines. The nearest resort cities are Kotor and Budva.

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Tivat Airport was built in 1971 year. Already in 2006, the flow of passengers reached 451000 per year. In this case, within one hour, he is able to serve all 6 aircraft. The length of the runway - 2,5 km. Like Podgorica, Tivat cannot receive large aircraft. The airport itself is quite small - just 11 check-in counters. During the peak season, too many passengers accumulate in it, which brings some discomfort.

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At the airport of Tivat there are: services providing flights, customs and passport control, very small cafe, a bank office, duty free shop, car rental office, a travel agency, taxi rank, bus parking, a small parking fee. Tivat feature is that it is located at an altitude of just 6 meters above sea level.


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