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Corporation "Airbus" is one of the most well-known aircraft manufacturers in the world. This company was established in late 60-ies of the last century, by combining several aviation companies in Europe. The main objective of the corporation is the development and production of aircraft of different classes, but the main emphasis is put on the production of passenger airliners. The bulk of the company's shares owned by EADS.

Activity of the company "Airbus"

This company has its own factories in four countries in Europe, each of which is engaged in manufacturing concrete components and final assembly of the aircraft is carried out in France and Germany, namely in the cities of Toulouse and Hamburg. Due to the very large amount of work and a large number of plants, this company has a great staff, namely about 50 thousand. With regard to the scale of production, they are very large. Thus, in 2006 year, the company was ordered 824 airliner different designs. All this cost the customers in 75 billion.


The following year, the number of ordered vehicles increased to 1341 units. And these production rates are increasing every year. The first aircraft was put into operation only in 1974 year. During the existence of the company has produced for its customers in more 6,3 thousand airplanes of different functions and modifications. At the moment, the company "Airbus" has a very large order in the amount of 390 billion euros. And it says that in the coming years, even in the absence of other orders, the plant "Airbus" would be something to work on.

In previous years, the work this company as it was in the shadow of a powerful competitor, which is a corporation "Boeing". But in the last decade, this trend was reversed in favor of the "Airbus". At present the company "Airbus" is considered the most important competitor of "Boeing" because the European company even surpassed the Americans in some of the activities. The most recent and complete machine "Airbus" aircraft type became A320. That he was able to bring the corporation to a new level in this sector of the world economy.

The most successful airliner range 320-th model

This family of aircraft is a new single-aisle airliners themselves, which are designed for flights on small and medium distances. The very first car of this class was created in the early 1988 years. By the middle of the year 2010 was handed over to customers 4,5 thousand such vehicles. In addition, another order was 6,5 thousand of these aircraft. Of all the manufactured aircraft are in operation at the moment more than 4 thousand.


Despite the very good performance of sales and orders, "Airbus" still remains in second place in this market. The first place is occupied by the corporation "Boeing".

Features production aircraft "Airbus"

As mentioned, the production of parts at the same time engaged in many plants in Europe. Final assembly of finished cars was carried out only in Toulouse but 2008 years due to the large demand for these airliners had to deploy the assembly and the city of Hamburg. In order to increase the speed of production, it was decided to begin construction year 2011 aircraft in China. This company has a fairly strong base that allows to produce 4 liner every month.

The factory in Hamburg is currently considered the most powerful and advanced fabrication. It is located near the Elbe River, where there is a huge area with hangars for the assembly and housings for engineers and designers. To ensure the quality and success of this plant has 19 thousand employees.


The main components manufactures single country. Thus, the tail of the cars produced in Hamburg or Bremen, nasal Department manufactured by Spanish designers. Completing the body produce both France and Germany. A production of the wings for the aircraft engaged in the United Kingdom.

In order to be transported to the aircraft parts to the factory where they are collected, the corporation does not use the railway, like other airlines and transport aircraft of its own production, namely the "Airbus" A300, or, as it is designated, Beluga. Total of 4 of the device, which is performed several flights daily to transport parts between plants. This versatile machine can perform a lot of tasks.

Aircraft Airbus:

 Airbus (Airbus) - France, Toulouse.  Airbus logo


Production of the company "Airbus"

This company has been actively developing the production of aircraft 320-Series, developed based on these new special modification. The founder of the new aircraft model was the type A320. She presents him a twin-engine machine, which is equipped a central passage that leads to the cockpit. For boarding there 4 4 additional inputs and outputs in an emergency. Airliner can place on your board 180 passengers in two classes.

The second most popular can be called a passenger liner A319. It differs from the previous version of the shortened fuselage, due to what can carry fewer passengers. A319 began to exploit various transport since 1999 years. This machine can easily be flown at different distances and have different packaging salons. For a very long-distance flights was developed by modification A319 CJ. For VIP-flight modification made A319LR. It is designed for the transport of 39 people in comfort, but it has a greater range - 12 thousand kilometers.


The biggest ship of this class can be called a model A321. It can take on board 220 people who are accommodated in the same cabin. There are two classes of vehicles in which the passenger seats installed 185. In this case the maximum flight range of 5,6 thousand kilometers.

 In 2003, the Airbus A318 was commissioned. It can accommodate the 132 passenger as much as possible and transport them over a distance of 5,75 thousands of kilometers. A feature of the machine can be called the fact that it can make the take-off and landing on fairly short along the runway, landing at a rather steep approach trajectory. It is not as noisy as other models. All this allows you to use it on the airfields of large cities, where there are many buildings. Also, the A318 aircraft has newer and more accurate on-board equipment than its predecessors. These figures significantly reduced maintenance costs.

The latest development of the company and the small "Airbus" is a device called A318 Elite. In addition to small size, it has a low price. At the moment, the European aircraft company is working to create a more reliable and economical machines, there is a constant improvement of already existing vehicles.


Corporation "Airbus" operates in many countries of the world, and the aircraft and did happen in all corners of our planet. Even a Russian company called "PSMPO-Avisma" cooperates with "Airbus", namely supplies of titanium. The firm "SUAL" has a contract for the supply of aluminum and its alloys.

In Russia 2003 was opened branch of "Airbus", which cooperates with the engineering community ECAR. Also, the corporation "Irkut" is engaged in manufacturing individual components for European airliners. Parts manufactures and Voronezh aircraft manufacturing plant. With regard to partnerships, the greatest achievement was the consolidation of the company "Irkut", "Airbus" and EFW for modifications and improvements of passenger aircraft type A320. But these partnerships were discontinued in 2010 year due to financial problems.

French Airbus aircraft manufacturing holding company opened a new plant for the manufacture of aircraft type A350 (wide-bodied long-haul aircraft, which Airbus is developing a response to a competitor - Boeing 787, 777,);

Toulouse Aviation Plant 1


The ceremony of putting into operation a production complex in Toulouse with an area of ​​78 thousand square meters was held in the presence of Jean-Marc Hérault, the country's Prime Minister and other high-ranking officials.

Along with aluminum design A350 widely used composite lighter materials, which makes it possible to reduce fuel consumption. In view of the increasing fuel prices, "efficiency" has become one of the main factors that influenced the choice of the type of liner carriers.

Airbus and Boeing expect the market to require more than XNUMX long-haul wide-body aircraft in the next twenty years. The development of the aviation industry brings the emergence of new directions bypassing overloaded aviation hubs. In general, experts estimate this market at several hundred billion dollars, the struggle for which the public will still observe between the models Airbus-380 и Boeing 747.

Toulouse Aviation Plant 2


Despite the fact that modern composite materials have a number of advantages compared with aluminum (they are not just easier, but still stronger), they are much more expensive to manufacture. Analysts say that given this fact, nor Boeing 787, or A380 It will not be profitable in the near future ..

Airbus was founded in 1970 and is currently the clearest example of European integration and partnership. About 56 thousand employees from 16 countries work in the company. The company produces an average of thirty-six aircraft monthly. In addition to this plant, the final assembly of aircraft is also carried out at factories in Hamburg (Germany,) Seville (Spain), and Tianjin (China).

Toulouse Aviation Plant 3


Lineup of Airbus started with A300 twin-engine aircraft. Then, Airbus started developing the project A320 with fly-by-wire. The A320 was a huge commercial success for the company with its modern control system. Inspired by the success of the A320, Airbus also decided to develop a family of large airliners. So created A330 twin-engine and A340 chetyrёhdvigatelny.

One of the main features of the new aircraft is a modern wing design, it has a relatively large thickness, which makes more of its internal volume for fuel efficiency and constructive. A340-500 Airbus has a flight range 16 700 thousand kilometers, thus ranking second in range of flight among commercial jet aircraft, after Boeing 777-200LR (range 17,446 kilometers). Airbus in 2007 he sold the first production copy of his new, having no analogues in the world, airliner A380 for Singapore Airlines airline.



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