Airbus A-390 Photo
Airbus A-390. A photo. Characteristics.

Airbus A-390. A photo. Characteristics.


2017 years in the aviation industry should be marked by the emergence of the very roomy passenger aircraft in the world and claims to be the title Airbus A-390, which by the most conservative estimates can simultaneously carry about 1000 passengers.

Please note that the airliner Airbus A 390 6 has engines, but overall rather strongly resembles his last model - Airbus A 380. For a more compact placement of the passengers on the plane used as many as three levels, which are likely to be divided into classes of comfort. Six engines perfectly cope with the weight lifted, however, on the other hand most likely be reduced flight range airliner - at the moment Airbus A 380 it is just over 15 thousand kilometers, and as for the new model, it is quite possible that the designers limited to 11- 12 thousand kilometers of flight.


Airbus A-390 Photo


Contrary to all expectations, the plane did not supersonic, but rather the contrary has preserved its airspeed at the same level. Generally, you can see it with my own eyes, the airliner belongs to the classical types that are more reassuring in its trouble-free operation. No less interesting is also the fact that the aircraft will be equipped with not only the back-up systems, and in addition that allows you to make flights of passenger carriers is very reliable.

It should be noted, however, that most likely due to the large mass of the aircraft, airports, which will serve the model airplane, it is necessary to extend the length of their runways, as according to preliminary data, the plane must be at least 2 kilometer runway.

Anyway, most likely, in the near future we will witness not only the first passenger airliner capacity of the order of thousands of passengers, but also be able to make some of the first flight on it.


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Airbus A-390. Video.


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I'll laugh if this machine does not take off, but there are few 6 engines, 8 at least, so that it can take off.

It is the a380, and that photo is photo shopped

This is such a fake and a clever photoshop. ive seen lots of things like this before

I do not think the a390 is true

1. photo nr.2 is the worst photoshop i have ever seen
2. the video is a380 not only the title but it says
it multiple times that its a380
3. gimme a link to airbus' official site and tell
me where it says about a390.

Rzhu can not, from the cockpit a380. As in the photo where he takes off not occurred stall? AND VIDEO, VIDEO (review 380)

most afigenny samoёt airliner!

what the hell?????????? nothing like this in the project no! At A-380 huge potential, and no development, no A-390 the Expediency not pay for itself, since 380-th.

I almost bought