Airbus A310
Airbus A310

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The Airbus A310 is a wide-body aircraft manufactured by the world's largest European aircraft consortium Airbus SAS, headquartered in the French city of Blagnac, a suburb of Toulouse. The development of the aircraft began in 1975. The design of this aircraft is based on the A300 B4. The length of the A310 is seven meters shorter than its predecessor. For the A310 it is 46.66 meters, for the A300B4 it reaches 53.62 meters The 310th also used a new wing, reduced in area and span, by the British company British Aerospace.

The first test flight of the aircraft took place on April 3, 1982. It used two JT9D-7R4 turbojet engines from Pratt & Whitney. The aircraft was also tested with General Electric CF6-80C2A2 engines. In March 1983, the liner was certified in Germany and France. After the end of test flights and obtaining certification, the first customers for the purchase and operation of the A310 were German Lufthansa and the Swiss Swissair.

Airbus A310 photo

Airbus A310 photo


The basic version of the aircraft was designated A310-200 5550 with a range of kms., Which had a greater demand from airlines than the model A310-100 3650 with a range of kilometers. In 1986-310 year A200 has undergone further improvements. These novshevsta touched winglets that received aerodynamic surface modification was carried wheel brakes, which has now been made of composite materials, and vertical tail was performed with carbon.


Salon Airbus A310


Airbus A310 inside


Along with the passenger A310-200, cargo-and-passenger versions were also produced - the A310-200C model designed to carry cargo weighing up to 40,3 tons and cargo versions - the A310-200F model is capable of carrying up to 43 tons of cargo. There is also a military modification of this aircraft, designated Airbus A310 MRTT (Multi Role Tanker Transport), which serves both as a tanker aircraft and as a transport aircraft. This version has a reinforced wing, four additional fuel tanks, a fuel supply system, military equipment, etc.


Driving Airbus A310 salon

Driving Airbus A310 salon


In the spring of 1983, Airbus began developing the A310-300, which was designed for long haul flights. The plane made its first flight in July 1985. Due to the presence of additional fuel tanks, the airliner has a long flight range. This version of the aircraft first entered service in 1986 at the airline «Swissair».

aircraft interior design is very thought out and ergonomic. The quality of seats, panels, shelves, availability of individual security features - all at a good level. Although A310 major airlines have not used, but in some countries it remains a major aircraft on medium and long-haul flights.


Features A310-200 / 300:


  • Years of production: 1982 - 1997 years
  • Empty weight: 80142 kg
  • Length: 46,66 m.
  • Height: 15,81 m.
  • Wingspan: 43,89 m.
  • Wing area: 219 m2
  • Fuselage Width: 50,61 m
  • Cruising speed: 850 km / h.
  • Maximum speed: 940 km / h
  • Range of flight: 6800 km (9600km on A310-300)
  • Ceiling: 12300 m
  • the run length: 1900m. (At A310-300 - 2250 m.)
  • path length: 1480 m.
  • Number of passengers: 205 - 280 people
  • Crew: 2 people (military modifications to 4 people)


Airbus A310 video

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