Airbus A320
Airbus A320

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Programme A320 development was launched in March 1984 years. The first flight of an airliner A320 made in February 22 1987 years. It used engines CFM International CFM56-5A1. After completing the flight test, the JAA certification (Joint Aviation Authorities) was obtained in February 26 1988 years and the aircraft began to enter the «Air France». And the very first customer was the US airline 'Northwest Airlines.

The original version, A320-100, was built in small quantities, but then an improved version of A320-200 was released. Improvements mainly concerned the increase in the volume of fuel tanks. The final certification of A320-200 took place in November 1988. Since then, A320-200 has grown into a whole family of medium-haul airliners, the consortium "Airbus SAS", based on it the following models are produced: A318, A319 and A321.

Airbus A320 photo

Airbus A320 photo


The aircraft project many technical innovations have been made. A320 became the first passenger airliner to which wire control system (Fly-by-Wire) was established. The advantage of this system is that a computer with a given program monitors many parameters of the aircraft, such as not to exceed the angle of attack or overload. The ship set Digital Avionics «Thomson CSF» company EFIS. A320 also uses a relatively high percentage of composite materials compared to previous models.

A320-200 driven by two turbojets CFMI CFM56-5B or IAE V2500 with a thrust of up to 113 120 kN kN each.

Aircraft models have different versions of installed engines. From the kind of engine depends on the serial number of the modification. For example: on A320-211 used CFM56-5A1 motors and A320-231 model comes with engines IAE V2500-A1, etc.


Airbus a320 Salon

Airbus A320 3


Compared with other aircraft in its class, A320 has a wider cabin, large cargo space with large doors to facilitate loading and unloading. A low cost of operation and maintenance are attracting factor for the low cost. For example an American low-cost airline "JetBlue Airways Corporation"Located in New York, acquired for its fleet of vehicles 233. Other low-cost carriers with A320 significant orders are the British "EasyJet Company Limited"And Malaysian"Air Asia.

Most of the aircraft cabin space Airbus A320 - Aeroflot

Most of the aircraft cabin space Airbus A320 - S7 Airlines

Most of the aircraft cabin space Airbus A320 - Ural Airlines

Wizz AirMost of the aircraft cabin space Airbus A320 - Wizz Air



Airbus a320 interior scheme

Airbus a320 interior scheme


To date, the company «Airbus SAS» is developing improved A320 model. The new version is called A320 A320neo. The program «New Engine Option» is the last step in the modernization A320. Modernization program «Neo» included such improvements as: weight loss, new, modern interior with an expanded luggage compartment. The new glider will be performed with the use of new composite materials. And thanks to the installation of new fuel-efficient engines CFM International LEAP-X and P & W PW1000G planned to reduce fuel consumption by 10-15 percent.

Compared to previous models A320, new A320neo will produce less noise, and reduce the amount of harmful emissions into the atmosphere. Modifications and subjected to an aircraft wing, in particular wing tips, which are now standard will take the form of shark fin, so-called «sharklets» .tak wing modification reduces fuel consumption by 2-3 percent. Through innovation will be able to increase the range of flights to 950 km and increase load capacity.


Product specifications Airbus A320:


  • Years of production: 1987 g - nowadays
  • Empty weight: 42100 kg
  • Length: 37,57 m
  • Height:11 m
  • sweep wings:31,4 m
  • Wing area: 122,6 m2
  • The diameter of the fuselage: 3,95 m
  • Cruising speed:845 km / h (Mach 0,78, 511 miles / hour)
  • Maximum speed: 871 km / h (Mach 0,82, 537 miles / hour)
  • Range of flight: 6300 km.
  • Ceiling:11800 m.
  • The length of the run: 2090 m.
  • path length: 1530 m.
  • The width of the passenger compartment: 3,7 m
  • Number of passengers: 140 -180 places
  • Crew: 2 person


Airbus A320 video

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