Airbus A321 (Airbus A321)
Airbus A321 (Airbus A321)

Airbus A321 (Airbus A321). A photo. Video. Driving compartment. Characteristics. Reviews.


Airbus A321 is a medium-range, twin-engine airliner developed by a joint European concern «Airbus SAS», the sole shareholder of which is today the "European Aeronautic Defence and Space group» (EDSA).

Airbus A321 part of the family single-aisle passenger aircraft A320 intended for medium-haul airlines. This model is the "big" in her family - A321 longer than the original model, A320, nearly seven meters. This allows the aircraft to take on board in the 24 percent more passengers. It also has a reinforced chassis. flight radius when fully loaded, the same as that of the young representative of the family - Airbus A318.

Indicators A321 on noise, emissions and fuel consumption, is almost the same as that of the entire A320 series. The aircraft is equipped with, EFIS avionics and digital control system «fly-by-wire», completely identical plane A320.

Today version A321 collected at the enterprise is located in a small German airport Hamburg Finkenwerder Airport, unlike A320 that are going mostly in the French town of Toulouse.

Airbus A321 photo

Airbus A321 photo


The program to develop A321 1989 was started in the year, with the main aim to compete with the US Boeing 737-900ER.

The plane was not only extended as compared with the base model. Changes have also occurred and engines, whose power has been increased. Wing aircraft was hard and is designed for higher loads compared to the wing A320.

The first version of the aircraft was designated A321-100. The first flight of this version took place on March 11 1993 years. This model was used IAE-V2500 engines (International Aero Engines). Version with engines CFM-56, 133 capacity of kN, made its first test flight in May of the same year. Flight range of the airplane version averaged 4500 kilometers. The certification of the aircraft took place in early December 1994 years. Then he began to enter the airline. The first carriers who received the German Airbus A321 steel «Lufthansa» and Italian airline «Alitalia».

In 1995, work began on the next modification of the aircraft, the designation - A321-200. This model has additional fuel tanks, which expanded the range of up to 5550 kilometers. The first flight took place A321-200 1996 in the year.


Salon airbus A321

airbus a321 Salon



There are several layout options in the passenger cabin Airbus A321:

  1. The economical version is capable of carrying up to 200 passengers.
  2. Charter cabin layout is able to accommodate 220 seats.
  3. Two-class configuration of a 185 places.


A321 has six passenger doors and eight emergency exits located on two sides of the aircraft.

In today's time the plane A321 demand among airlines and orders for its construction continue to arrive.

Most of the aircraft cabin space Airbus A321 - Aeroflot

Most of the aircraft cabin space Airbus A321 - Ural Airlines



Driving airbus A321 salon

Driving airbus a321 salon


Specifications Airbus A321 aircraft.


  • First flight: March 11 1993 years
  • Production Years: c 1993 until now
  • Length: 44,51 m.
  • Height: 11,76 m.
  • Empty weight: 48024 kg.
  • Wing area: 122,60 square. m.
  • Wingspan: 34,1 m.
  • Cruising speed: 845 km / h..
  • Maximum speed: 895 km / h..
  • Ceiling: 12500 m.
  • Range: up to 4260 5550 km.
  • Engines: 2 turbofan or CFM-56B2 IAE-V2500
  • Crew: 2 person
  • Number of seats: 185 places


Airbus A321 video

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