Airbus A330-900 Neo
Airbus A330-900 Neo

Airbus A330-900 Neo



In the near future the world will be able to familiarize themselves with the new representative of the aircraft manufacturer Airbus, passenger airliner A330-900 Neo - plane near future.
Aircraft manufacturer Airbus has announced its new design, the wound done in 2014, the exhibition at Farnborough, where he introduced the first model of the airliner. Especially in new aircraft abound, but mostly they are all centered around sustainability and reduce fuel consumption.

As it became known today, airliner A330-900 Neo will consume 14% less aviation fuel, it certainly will affect the cost of air travel, the emission of harmful substances into the atmosphere will be reduced by about 17% that will make air travel is not only more environmentally friendly clean, but certainly find a lot of support from a number of independent international organizations to protect the environment. To date, well aware of the fact that the capacity of the new airliner A330-900 Neo will 310 passengers.

The first airline that has managed to make an order from a new generation of airliners 50 A330-900 Neo, became AirAsia X, and according to preliminary data aircraft will begin delivery in 2018 year, and the amount of the contract will amount to a little less than 14 billion.


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