Airbus A340-200
Airbus A340-200 (Airbus A340-200)

Airbus A340-200 (Airbus A340-200). A photo. Video. Driving compartment. Characteristics. Reviews.


Chetyrehdvigatelny, wide-body Airbus A340-200, this passenger aircraft developed by a consortium of Western European «Airbus SAS», as part of the family of long-haul airliners A340. This plane is the shortest car in the family. Length A340-200 59,4 of meters that 4,29 meters shorter than its older models A340-300.

Airbus A340-200 photo

Airbus A340-200 photo


Designing an aircraft A340-200 began as part of a program to build aircraft dalnemagistralnogo A340. The program for the development of new aircraft was launched in June 1987 years and was carried out in parallel with the development of the twin-engine widebody A330 intended more for medium-haul airlines.

In the design of the airplane, much attention was paid to the design of the wing, which was performed with the use of durable composite materials combined with aluminum alloys. Wing aircraft A340-200 thicker than on planes of A330. This makes it possible to carry, in the internal volume of the wing, a larger amount of fuel, which in turn affects the range, in which A340-200 14 modification of thousands of kilometers. Fuselage built aircraft A340-200, 263 allowed to place up to the passenger seats in three-class layout and up to 300 seats in two classes.

The plane uses a digital-wire control system similar to that used in A330. The joysticks side (side stick) are used as controls. In the cockpit aerobatic installed EFIS equipment, including six multi-function display.

Under the wings of an aircraft on the pylons are placed four turbofan engine CFM International CFM56-5C with traction 138.8 kN or CFM56-5C3 with the thrust of 145 kN. This chetyrehdvigatelnaya configuration has greater efficacy for longer flights. And it is free of restrictions ETOPS standards that are tightening the requirements for the flight distance between the two airports for a twin-engine passenger aircraft.


AirbusA340-200 Salon

Airbus A340-200 Salon

The first flight of Airbus A340-200, equipped with four turbojets CFM56-5C held 1 April 1992 years. The following year, the airliner began to enter the airline.

At the time of its production A340-200 commercial airliner was able to make air travel the farthest.


AirbusA340-200 scheme salon

Airbus A340-200 scheme salon


But due to the low demand from airlines for these machines due to low passenger capacity and at the same time, high fuel consumption, large wingspan and expensive operation, the aircraft was taken out of production in the middle of 1998 years. In total, for all the production A340-200 was issued not more than thirty aircraft of this modification.



Technical characteristics of the aircraft Airbus A340-200


  • First flight: 1 April 1992 years
  • Year of manufacture: c 1992 1998, the city of
  • Length: 59,4 m.
  • Height: 16,8 m.
  • Empty weight: 129000 kg.
  • Wing area: 361,6 sq.m.
  • Wingspan: 60,3 m.
  • Cruising speed: 875 km / h..
  • Maximum speed: 920 km / h..
  • Ceiling: 12600 m.
  • Range: 14600 km.
  • Length of takeoff: 2985 m.
  • path length: 1880 m.
  • Engines: 4 turbofan CFM56-5C
  • Crew: 2 person
  • Number of seats: 263 seats in three classes


Airbus A340-200 video

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