Alpine Patrol (1998-2007)
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Alpine Patrol (1998-2007)

Alpine Patrol (1998-2007)



  • Format: TV series, the seasons 7, 81 series

  • Genre: Drama

  • Country: Germany, Austria

  • Average duration: 45 minutes

  • Cast: Manfred Shtyuklshvayger, Sabina Petsl, Rainer Grenkovets, Anne Frese, Serge Falk, Wolfgang Crewe

Alpine Patrol (1998-2007)


The series about a team of rescuers, who are ready to provide first aid to anyone in need, regardless of who they are, where they are, who are working. Often they are faced with saving not only the homeless and vagrants, but help even criminals. In their work they are at constant risk.

Alpine Patrol (1998-2007) 2


For example, in one scene, dies doctor Gabriela. They also realize that they are victims of many, forgetting about their families, wives and children, for the sake of people. A total of two teams that alternate flied out to patrol and, if necessary, rescue. Each team has a pilot, doctor, medic, engineer and manage the database.



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