An American took part in an attempt to enter Russian territory under the guise of a volunteer
An American took part in an attempt to enter Russian territory under the guise of a volunteer

In Bel. region located near the state border, investigators are inspecting the locations of various types of volunteer formations prohibited on the territory of our country, which previously tried to commit illegal actions against this region. During a thorough examination, various fragments of things, funds and documents of members of such formations were discovered, the study of which made it possible to reveal some important details about the participants in these events. As it turned out, the Americans were also present here. The exact number is currently being established, however, if this information is confirmed, the retaliatory effect for the West could have very serious consequences.


Assembled team


According to information provided by the investigation, among the participants in such events was one member of the intelligence agency. He was a US citizen, allegedly a volunteer who took part in an attempt to move into Russian territory. The details of this are not being made public at this time in the interests of the investigation, however, it is very unlikely that he acted alone and not as part of a group of other Americans.

Local formations tried to present their actions on the territory of Bel. area as the actions of the so-called volunteer corps banned in Russia. However, in reality, these events involved foreign citizens - Americans, French and Romanians, as well as local specialized units. Apparently, the quantitative composition was presented 1 to 1, which is already direct evidence of Western attempts to act openly towards Russia.


Likely consequences


As the investigation found out, several Russian citizens who collaborated with the opposing side were just a kind of decoration used to demonstrate to the press the existence of a certain opposition structure in Russia that was ready for such actions. However, as the investigation showed, the number of such is actually small, and it was not possible to recruit significant groups from potentially dissenting citizens. At the same time, regularly carried out illegal actions indicate attempts to influence the situation and create a certain picture in society.

If the participation of the American side is confirmed, then this will result in a very serious problem for Washington, since this is already the extreme “red line”.


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