Antonov An-158
Antonov An-158. A photo. Video. Driving compartment. Characteristics. Reviews.

Antonov An-158. A photo. Video. Interior layout. Characteristics. Reviews.


Short-range, jet aircraft Antonov An-158, is a further modification of the aircraft AN-148, and is designed for use in local and regional passenger in routing.

Antonov An-158, 99 can carry up to passengers in Economy class, or up to 86 people in two classes at a distance of three thousand kilometers, with a cruising speed 820 kilometers per hour.

History of the AN-158, dates back to the creation of short-haul airliner An-148-100. Initially, the new aircraft project referred to as An-148-200, but was later renamed as the An-158. Aircraft An-158, became longer than its predecessor at 1,7 meters, thanks to two additional sections in the fuselage. The first section, the length of 1,15 meter was placed in the fuselage nose, front wing and the second section, the length of 0,55 meters, was located just behind the wing of the aircraft.

Antonov An-158 34

The cockpit is equipped with modern avionics and includes five multifunctional screens for displaying flight information and for monitoring all onboard systems. All of the aircraft's avionics, as well as its control, maintenance and operation of the new airliner, are highly unified with the An-148 aircraft. This makes it easy to transfer pilots from An-148 to An-158, and also eliminates the need for retraining of ground personnel for the maintenance of a new aircraft, thanks to the common system, operation, repair and crew training system. According to the state enterprise "Antonov", the An-158 aircraft managed to reduce operating costs by 12 percent and fuel consumption, per passenger, by 9 percent.

Antonov An-158 Salon

The An-158 wing has also been modified. It now has aerodynamic end surfaces to reduce fuel consumption. The tail unit of the aircraft, as well as on the An-148, has a "T" -shaped design.

The navigation equipment of the aircraft AN-158, allows you to make passenger flights in all weather conditions and at any time of the day. Airliner can be used in climates with ambient temperatures of up to + 50 -45 degrees Celsius, as well as on the high ground. This was confirmed in February 2011, during the test on one of Iranian airfields located at an altitude of 2200 meters above sea level.


An interior-158 scheme

Antonov An-158 interior scheme

An Airliner-158 equipped with two turbojet engines D-436-148, with a thrust of about 6735 kg. These motors are designed "Progress" Zaporozhye Machine-Building Design Bureau.

The finished aircraft was first presented to the public on April 21, 2010 in Kiev. A few days later, on April 28, 2010, the first flight of the An-158 took place.

After all the state tests, February 28 2011, the new short-haul airliner An-158, was certified by the Interstate Aviation Committee (IAC).

Series production aircraft were organized on the production aircraft factory "Antonov" in 2010 year. about 200 different companies are involved in the production of the aircraft. In 2013 year, the cost of the aircraft AN-158, 30 is estimated at millions of dollars.


Basic model aircraft AN-158, allows you to upgrade it to a variety of options to carry out all sorts of tasks. On this basis, it can be configured, trucks, of transport the military, sanitary, utility, or other special purpose aircraft.

At present, the direct rival for the aircraft AN-158 is Russian regional airliner Sukhoi Superjet 100.


The aircraft follows the best features of the base model of the An-148-100 and can produce flight:

  • at any time of day, season, and in any weather conditions;

  • at temperature overboard within -55 ... + 45 ° C;

  • highland airfields;

  • in the high latitudes of the globe (up to 780 from. w).;

  • on international routes.

Differences An on-158 An-148

  • The fuselage lengthened by 1,7 m.

  • The luggage compartment is increased by 5 m3.

  • Changed the aft fuselage.

  • Wing received an upgraded design.

  • Fuel consumption is reduced by 9% per passenger.

  • In 12% reduced operating costs.


Certification passed 12 layouts airliner passenger cabin.

An-158 cabin

After certification testing program of AN-158 began to conduct research on the expansion of the operating conditions. Having made flights over 16 Republic of Iran, proved the ability of the aircraft based on the high airfields, 2200 height above sea level.

21.10.2013 - have been completed testing the aircraft AN-158 in the mountainous areas in Latin America. Concerning this aircraft program has successfully overcome all flight and ground test operation at high altitudes, based on the ground, the height of which reaches 4000 meters above sea level. Airfields in which An-158 working out the test program, - of Latacunga, Ecuador and the city of La Paz, Bolivia (2800 and 4000 meters above sea level respectively).

An-158 - modern popular regional aircraft. SE "Antonov" in cooperation with the Russian leasing company "Ilyushin FinansKo." Signed contracts for the sale of these aircraft 20.

The contract, signed at the Paris Air Show 21.06.2011, different advanced package of guarantees provided by the enterprise "Antonov" in the after-sales service of its aircraft, including the guarantee of low maintenance, reliability, resource and performance characteristics, the regularity of flights.


In April, the An-2013 158 plane got into operation the Cuban airline Cubanade Aviacion. The current fleet of the air carrier is 5-158 An aircraft. Already signed a contract for the purchase of three more such aircraft.

The current demand for this model is about 100 aircraft. Interested in products "Antonov" Airlines from Ukraine, Russia, Latin America, Africa and Asia.

In a cooperative scheme for the construction of the An-158 participate 215 15 companies from around the world.

Originally designed the aircraft, taking into account the possibility of its broad modernization, embodied in the release of a number of aircraft modifications, including VIP-class aircraft, cargo aircraft, civil and military transport versions.



Technical characteristics of the AN-158:

  • The first flight of the An-158: 28 2010 April of the year

  • Production Years: c 2010 years

  • Length: 34,36 m.

  • Height: 8,60 m.

  • Wing area: 84,32 sq.m.

  • Wingspan: 28,91 m.

  • Cruising speed: 820 km / h..

  • Maximum speed: 870 km / h..

  • Ceiling: 12500 m.

  • Practical range: 3100 km.

  • Engines: 2 turbojet engines "Progress" D-436-148

  • Crew: 2 people

  • Number of passenger seats: 99 economy class passenger seats


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Plumage, not plumage

Se alguém ten informação sobre consumo de combustível, pista utilizada por este avisão 248 / 158

Everyone who writes here that flew AN 158: You deer! Because You can not fly on 158-m them all (yet) 6 pieces and they are all in Cuba .. and fly you to the Academy of Sciences of 148 rasseyskoy assembly in Voronezh and Voronezh assembly is a rare but th @ !!!

I think An-158 far from perfect plane. Personally, I'm not satisfied with anything, and I hope that the more I do not have to fly on this machine. After we landed, I had a wild headache, I thought I'll go crazy. I sat at the end of the cabin, can, of course, also is influenced, but I'm sure that even close is no longer suited to this aircraft.

I flew on a plane AN-158 any one time, and I think that this car can be called a tin can. If you can not do anything with the noise, then all people will hate this aircraft soon. On such a machine needs only to carry cargo, but not passengers. When the height is changing, even wool in the ears does not help, your ears just fade away. But I can also note the plus-158 An almost shakes on the way, but rather in the general plane can and reliable, but it is not comfortable.

The layout of the airframe is not thought out. The engines are located by the portholes, the wing is on top of the fuselage. Because of this, the cabin is very vibrant and noisy. On the flights that An-158 performs, you can, along with tickets, sell gags in your ears. When the Union often had to fly to the Antonovs, after landing always felt a strong headache. And once accidentally got into the last rows of the salon. To my surprise there was much quieter. Then I realized that the ticket offices of the airports in the front of the salon were "vparished" only by the youth. Foreign airplanes have much better sound insulation to the salon, so there is a business class in front of them, the Antonovs apparently decided to excel.


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