Antonov An-24
Antonov An-24. A photo. Video. Driving compartment. Characteristics. Reviews.

Antonov An-24. A photo. Video. Driving compartment. Characteristics. Reviews.


The twin-engine, turboprop Antonov An-24, was designed for passenger traffic and is designed for use on domestic routes.

Antonov An-24

In 50-th year 20-century noted active development of aviation technology, at this time, and there were more advanced gas turbine engine. For this reason, the leadership of the former Soviet Union to the problem designer DC was set Antonov to establish a qualitatively new military transport aircraft model, called AN-24. Despite this, priority is also given to the passenger version of the aircraft.


History of An-24


The prototype of the An-24 airplane produced its first flight in the fall of 1959. At the beginning of 60, one of the new "Anov" was redesigned into a transport version called An-24T. But by all characteristics it was more cargo than a transport plane. It did not provide for a special loading ramp or at least a cargo hatch. Loading into this aircraft could be made only through hatches that were located in the side of the hull. But still the transport model differed from the standard reinforced floor in the cargo hold, and an additional hatch was installed on the right side, through which the loading should be carried out.


Summer 1960-year designers has been designed and developed version of AN-24, which had an extra engine in the right nacelle, and the most important thing is that it was a jet engine that had traction in 900 kg. While using the engine made possible the qualitative improvement of aircraft characteristics during takeoff.

Antonov An-24 1 photo

Transport model has successfully passed state tests in 1963 year, but this model had too many complaints from the transport aircraft commanders.


The main problem was the absence of a cargo hatch in the tail of the aircraft. For this and many other reasons, it was decided to build a new machine that could meet all the requirements. To build a new transport An-24, Antonov's design bureau started in the winter of 65 year. The prototype of An-24 was taken as a basis for creating a new car. The tests of the new unit were carried out for two years with 1965 for 1966 year. During the tests, much attention was paid to the quality of landing from the aircraft. Serial production of a new transport airliner began at the end of 66 at the Irkutsk aircraft plant.


The release of the AN-24 1979 lasted until the year was made more than 1200 machines, and more than 1000 units were produced at the Kiev plant "Aviant." The aircraft produced and China, but under its name to Xian Y-7. Soon after the model aircraft has become very popular in all the airlines in the territory of our country, he served more than 450 different airlines. Its popularity has spread over the territory of our country, because this machine 25 exported to countries across the globe.


Features and characteristics of the AN-24


An-24 had excellent flight characteristics. All aircraft maintenance can perform 7 people in flight, namely: aircraft commander, navigator, co-pilot, flight engineer, radio operator and two flight operators. Two turboprop engine was installed on this machine, which had more than 2,5 thousand horsepower each. They were fitted with screws with four blades, which had a diameter of almost 4 meters.

Antonov An-24 photo

Fuel to the engines comes from 4 tanks, which are located in the wings of the aircraft, each wing has two tanks that provide the corresponding engine, and it is also possible to combine all the tanks into one system. When two engines operate in the optimal mode, when loading in 5,5 tons, the aircraft can make a path of one thousand kilometers. Even if one of the engines fails, the aircraft can continue its flight and reach its destination. This aircraft fully meets the requirements for stability and control, which are put forward to passenger airliners of this class.


The structure of the AN-24 body is all-metal monoplane, where wings were highly placed. The entire body of the aircraft is designed as a pressurized cabin, which is divided into front and rear load compartment, passenger compartment and the cockpit. It also includes a wardrobe, a toilet, a snack bar and lobby. The entire body of the aircraft has twenty windows. In an aircraft emergency exits thought.


Plumage single-fin, which was set forkil. The wing has a trapezoidal caisson type and high elongation. The components of the units are two wing spar odnoschelevye flaps, which are able to deflect. chassis system has been represented by three pillars, which were removed in the body of the aircraft. Each strut has a double wheel on which the brake system installed.

Antonov An-24 photo booths

Aircraft maintenance electricity produced two generators that were installed on the engines. They provide a constant voltage to 27 volts, as well as three-phase voltage in volts 36. In the event of an accident or breakdown generators aircraft could be powered by two batteries.


Like many other models of aircraft, the An-24 is equipped with a system that does not allow the fuselage icing. Most prone to icing engine air intakes and wings. To avoid this problem, the designers thought was the air-heating system, which is powered by electricity. In case of depressurization of the plane body was thought system which can provide oxygen to all the people on board.


When designing a special attention was paid to the constructors reliability and easy operation. Both pilots were able to steer the boat, because the management has been duplicated at each of them. This was done in case of failure of one of the control panels. This aircraft model has an electric autopilot, which greatly facilitates the work of the pilots. An Airliner-24 had enough modern and reliable radar equipment at the time.


Passenger model An-24 was designed for the transport of 50 passengers and their luggage for a short distance. As a rule, they were used for local passenger transport. The resource usage of the new aircraft An-24 50 was increased to thousands of hours of flight, the figure was the highest in the entire USSR.

Antonov An-24 2 photo

If necessary, the AN-24 may be made more comfortable versions, in which case the number of passengers can be significantly smaller depending on the order. The models of this aircraft can be easily converted into the cargo version or cargo-passenger. Such metamorphoses with cabin You can do very quickly, because the passenger seats are removable.


The advantage of this model is the fact that it can be operated in all seasons, it is possible to embark on a snow-covered, sandy and soggy ground. Takeoff and landing An-24 can carry on a fairly short runways, because it needs only 650 meters for take-off.

This model is different from other high efficiency of flight that allows you to effectively use it even on short-haul routes in 250 kilometers. Especially in the case of airlines wishing to use the services of so many.

Antonov An-24 545 photo

Antonov An-24 has rightly become the progenitor of a whole family of aircraft for different purposes. Today, there are more than 40 modifications of this machine.


Accidents An-24


According to the statistics at the beginning of the year was lost 2014 162 machines AN-24. All the losses were linked to factors such as the plane crash, some machines were destroyed on the ground during the war. As a result of catastrophes of all time use of the aircraft was lost man 2120, 29 of them were on the ground at the time of the crash. Passenger aircraft An-24 33 times tried to steal, these attempts at killing human 4.

Development of the project short-haul aircraft for commuter turboprop, began in connection with the need to replace obsolete IL-14Where used piston engines. This project, under the 32-40 number was proposed Design Antonov bureau in 1956 year.

After approval of the project, in 1958 year, began the development of the aircraft. According to the technical requirements, the projected plane was to be used in a wide temperature range, to land on unprepared airfields and small, to make the flight with a payload of at least four tonnes and have a flight range of at least 500 kilometers.

An-24 photo

Antonov An-24 2


The aircraft was ready by mid-year 1959. On it were installed two turboprop engines Ivchenko autoionization-24 propeller AB-72.

20 1959 October, the first An-24, under the command of test pilot Lysenko GI, rose into the air. At the beginning of the year 1961 started program of state tests of the plane An-24.

Produced machine to obtain reliable and requires minimal ground support equipment. Aircraft thrust per unit weight, get more than many comparable aircraft of that time. aircraft engines also have a successful arrangement, being on the high-wing, allowing more to protect them, and the propeller blades from foreign debris.

Upon completion of all test flights, 1962 year, the Kiev aircraft plant, the plant now, "Antonov", began mass production of the aircraft for the needs of the airport. The first flight on the serial An-2, with passengers on board, was completed in September 1962 years. A month later, I started operating regular route guidance "Kiev-Kherson" in October 1962 years 2-AN. Direction "Moscow-Voronezh-Saratov" was later added.

Thanks to its sturdy airframe and good operational performance and not demanding a large airfields, aircraft An-24, was adapted not only for passenger flights, but also to perform many minor problems. For example, such as ice reconnaissance, cargo transportation, search and rescue and fire-fighting operations.

An interior-24

Antonov An-24 Salon


On the basis of the original aircraft An-24 the following modifications were made:

  • An-2A - modification, designed to carry passengers 44.

  • An-24B - passenger version capable of carrying up to 52 passengers.

  • An-24R - aircraft variant for signals intelligence needs.

  • An-24RT - military transport aircraft modification

  • An-24SHT - HQ version of the aircraft

  • An-24FK - aircraft variant intended for aerial photography

  • An-24PP - version equipped devices length analysis of radioactive contamination

  • An-24PC - search and rescue variant of the An-2.

  • An-24LP - modification of the AN-2 designed for fighting forest fires.


Driving An interior-24

Antonov An-24 interior scheme


There have also been produced and are in the projects, and other modifications of the An-24, designed to perform a wide range of other tasks.

Over the entire period of serial production, c 1962 1979 by year produced about 1300-24 An aircraft. In today's time, according to various estimates, in operation it is about a hundred of these machines.

Antonov An-24 also produced in China, c 1984 years, under the designation Xian Y-7. Since 2000 years, China has continued to release a modified version of the aircraft, received the name of Xian MA60. Today, the successor to the AN-24 aircraft became turboprop passenger and cargo aircraft An-140, designed by Ukrainian State Enterprise Antonov "Antonov".


Technical characteristics of the AN-24


  • First flight: October 20 1959 years

  • Years of mass production: c 1962 1979, at the city

  • Length: 23,53 m.

  • Height: 8,32 m.

  • Empty weight: 13350 kg.

  • Wing area: 74,98 sq.m.

  • Wingspan: 29,20 m.

  • Cruising speed: 460 km / h..

  • Maximum speed: 540 km / h..

  • Stall speed: 270-280 km / h

  • Ceiling: 7800 m.

  • Range: 1800-2800 km.

  • Length of takeoff: 850-1000 m.

  • path length: 580-590 m.

  • Maximum capacity: 6500 kg.

  • Engines: 2 turboprop engines AI-24

  • Crew: 3-5 person

  • Number of passengers: up to 52 places


An-24 video

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I always fly on the AN-24 now Pskovavia. The aircraft is excellent. Udivitelyny, given that in 1959, he was released. Just put on the headphones, I listen to music.

Many flew on it as a child to her grandmother, on New Year's kanikuly.Pervuyu flew half way on the super convenient il86, the rest of the way to the very toshnotno an24.Samolёt course, greatly swayed.

He served as a radio operator 80-82 the AN-24. Reliable, workaholic without unnecessary queries. Take-off and landing with no-primer question.

An-24 for me is classy reliable Soviet aircraft. In Saratov, where I live such a plane can be seen every day. Previously, he was flying all the time, and now you can see it in the sky, but it is already causing sadness as soon obsolete An-24 we will only remember. This airplane is very durable and comfortable, and most importantly, reliable. What can I say, in the Soviet Union were able to make airplanes.

Confirmed! Good samolet.V Saratov I flew seven years from Tyumen, two years of co-pilot, the commander of 5 years. Flights were all night, flight was: Tyumen, Ufa, Saratov, Tyumen. The band in Saratov "hump", to sit there was absolutely necessary for the signs, without flight. General has always been a pleasant drive, not relax. Airfield in the city at night in good weather all the lights in Saratov, beautiful! Plane wonderful flying 7 years like clockwork. then he went to the Tu-154.

I personally flew to An-24 a couple of times. I consider this plane to be quite normal. As for the finish, so it is quite primitive for our time, but here are the small armchairs are very comfortable. I consider An-24 to be a very comfortable aircraft, unlike modern cars, in which passengers sit like herrings wrapped in cans. The most comfortable place behind, the noise is almost inaudible, and does not reel much. It's clear, when bad weather conditions, the plane staggers a little, but when the weather is good you can enjoy the landscapes floating below. In general, the plane for its class is just perfect.

I know that is the An-24 and honestly could not rate it, because during the flight felt only fear. I'm just not morally prepared for the flight, but the only thing I noticed that the AN-24 flies relatively quiet, I was able to assess precisely. Despite the fear, I felt comfortable, and when they announced boarding, we were given sweets, so we were not worried. He sits in this car quite soft and does not shake. The only thing that confuses me is his age, too much this old airplane.

I flew to An-24 several times. Normal turboprop aircraft. According to physical sensations, he is not inferior to ATR. Of course, the finish is primitive, but sitting in armchairs is quite convenient, even with my growth in 193 see. Moreover, in many modern aircraft, you feel like a herring in a jar. Behind the most comfortable places - noise from the engines a little, the noisiest are opposite the screws (to the noise of the engines is usually added vibration and rumble of the screws). Of course, in bad weather the plane shakes violently. But in its good you can see the landscapes floating below, even people can really see. For my class, I think that the plane is quite good.

An-24 well, just an amazing machine. With this aircraft in my very best childhood memories. I was a child all the time, flew to his aunt to visit. I remember how comfortable were seat belts are strong, green curtains, luggage shelves. Also, do not forget the lightweight plastic smell in the cabin. I always watched the spinning propellers, shaking the curtains, and when the plane is landing, out of the chassis. In general, the aircraft is a miracle, it is a pity that will no longer produce such cars!