Antonov An-28
Antonov An-28. A photo. Video. Driving compartment. Characteristics. Reviews.

Antonov An-28. A photo. Video. Driving compartment. Characteristics. Reviews.



An-28 a light aircraft with short takeoff distance, it is equipped with two engines, gas turbine type. Its main task is to transport passengers over long distances, as a rule, it is used on local airlines. It is designed to carry only 18 passengers or can be used as a transport ship carrying capacity in 1500 kilos.

This model of the passenger aircraft was developed in the design Antonov bureau in Kiev. The basis of the new model was taken as its predecessor - the AN-14. The main task of the designers was to develop a brand new passenger plane, which was supposed to replace the old model airplane An-2. For the first time the new An-24 He broke away from the web in November 1973 airfield in the town of Svyatoshyn.


History of the AN-28


At the end of the year 1958 in Design Antonov bureau was designed multi-purpose twin-engine Antonov-14, or, as it was also called "Bee". But the possibility of this model have been limited by the fact that it is equipped with low-power motors. Both power plants are able to produce only 600 horsepower. To improve the "Bees" features has been applied installation of more powerful engines up to 810 horsepower each. This model has also been increased fuselage.

An-28 jump

The first flight of a new model of the An-14 was produced in April 1968 years. A further development was the new aircraft, which had a relatively short takeoff and landing, the model was called An-28. It was equipped with a more powerful powerplant 2 × 940 hp Designer of the new aircraft was appointed Dmitry Kiva.

The aircraft was designed to carry out landing on unprepared sites, so the designers have abandoned the option that the chassis will get out of the fuselage. Nishi, where would be the chassis, were constantly clogged with dirt, and this would lead to failure. A prototype of the new passenger aircraft An-28 29.02.75 year for the first time looked, and the first flight took place on pre-production models in 1975 year. In the same year began full-scale tests.

This machine was tested in all climatic zones of the Arctic and to Antarctica. Serial production of aircraft began in 1984, in Poland, and in the next year, this model has received a certificate from GOSAVIAREGISTR USSR, which confirmed the airworthiness of the machine and at the same time met all international requirements and standards.


Characteristics of the aircraft AN-28


An-28 constructed under the scheme with vysokoplana braced type. This gives the aircraft a good aerodynamic properties. Due to the fact that the chassis is retracted into the fuselage of the aircraft loses little speed and aerodynamics. In this model, the aircraft is possible to install floats instead of the standard chassis.

An-28 3434

The aircraft has dvuhkilevoe plumage. The power unit is composed of two models of engines theater-10 and equipped with reversible screws. Interior of the airplane can be easily changed for a variety of transportation. This model can be used both passenger and freight embodiment, moreover, as an administrative vessel.

An ordinary-28 can be quickly and easily converted into a plane for transportation of goods, it needs to be folded passenger seats, which will put the goods. For a more convenient and fast loading aircraft is equipped with cargo door, which is located in the tail of the plane. The cargo compartment of the aircraft is equipped with a crane, which can facilitate and speed up the loading process. This mechanism is able to lift loads weighing up to half a ton.

In the design of the airplane, much attention was paid to measures that ensure the safety of the flight in any, even emergency. Flying at a high angle result in a loss of speed, but the plane will not pass the buck, and is stabilized by an automatic system crafted slats. In this situation, the aircraft will automatically begin to lower the front part and recover airspeed while maintaining excellent handling.

The Antonov Design Bureau was first developed and installed on the aircraft An-28 system that could reduce their own bank machines in flight. This system allows you to safely and easily manage the data plane even with one working engine. She has a patent which is registered in France and the United States. Empennage thought so effectively that allows pilots to easily manage aircraft An-28 even at low speeds.

Aircraft model AN-28 able to make flights at different weather conditions and in all climatic zones, regardless of the time of day. All this is possible due to the fixed onboard navigation system and a system which prevents icing of the aircraft body and its functional parts.

An-28 4545

Serial production of aircraft of this brand went up to 1997 years. Total production units were manufactured 198-28 An aircraft and its modifications.


Commercial use of An-28


Long experience has shown many of the airlines that transport over short distances need more quality aircraft-terrain vehicle, which must perform various tasks. Such a machine and began manufacturing aircraft Antonov Design Bureau. And, indeed, this car transports passengers, cargo and manufactures military rescue operations. It is used by scientists to geological investigations and for aerial photography. This all shows that the new model was the multifunctional and yet easy to operate and stable in flight.

For a more profitable use of the aircraft is equipped with a powerful enough, but the economic engines of the new generation. It should be noted that in the construction of aircraft designers spent a lot of time and bring a lot of design ideas. All creation of small and light An-28 take as much force as was spent in the design of a large AN-22.

The main advantage of this machine is that it is able to land and take off from unpaved surfaces up to 600 meters. He is able to do in the way of 600 kilometers at a high enough cruising speed in 350 km / h. In addition to these all advantages, it is much more economical than its predecessor AN-2.

An-28 3434

Smaller airports that do not have concrete pavement can not take aircraft with retractable landing gear throughout the year, because it can lead to a crash. Sodden ground airfield will score a niche to enter the chassis. It was on such flights and benefit from An-28. This machine is not afraid of changes in temperature and air, which makes it suitable for transport in all weather conditions, even the harshest.


Aircraft Modifications An-28


The standard model of this aircraft is cargo-passenger, it is able to convert from one type to another. For more severe operating conditions, an airplane with a large fuel supply was created. To overcome large distances, this modification was called An-28A. The main area of ​​use is the polar latitudes. There are also military versions of this aircraft, mostly they are used by paratroopers to land on the territory of the enemy. A model called An-28RM was developed, which is intended for patrolling territory and rescue operations. The most powerful modification is An-28 with the additional name "Sreiker", it is equipped with two engines with an output of 1100 horsepower each. In this case, the working screws have not three, but five blades.

Statistics show that during the whole period of operation until September 2012 years lost only 25 machines model of the An-28.


Antonov An-28 is a lightweight multipurpose twin-engine aircraft with a short takeoff and landing. The main purpose of the aircraft is to transport people to local air routes, transport cargo, geological surveys, fire patrols, evacuating the wounded, search and rescue and reconnaissance operations. An-28 is designed to carry up to 18 people over an average distance of 1500 kilometers.

The aircraft has an all-metal fuselage with a high wing, which is a two-spar structure, reinforced with metal struts. The wing has a large span and is equipped with automatic flaps, which allows the aircraft to maintain a stable flight at low speeds and high angles of attack, and also provides takeoff and landing at a steep trajectory angle. Gas turbine engines TVD-10B are located in gondolas under the wings of the aircraft. The passenger cabin of the aircraft can be easily converted into a cargo hold.

An-28 photo

Antonov An-28 434


The An-28 was designed by the Antonov Design Bureau, based on the An14 multipurpose light aircraft, which in turn was built in 1958. That is why the aircraft project was initially designated An-14M. While maintaining the twin-engine monoplane scheme, the new aircraft, in comparison with its predecessor, received a more elongated fuselage. Also, GTD-550SA turboprop engines with a capacity of 640 hp were installed on the plane instead of piston engines.

The first test flight of the prototype An-14M took place 30 April 1968 year. But the beginning of flight tests of the aircraft dragged on until 1972 year. With the beginning of flight tests, the TVD-850 engines with the maximum power of 810 hp were installed on the aircraft. Since that moment, the An-14M aircraft has received a new designation - An-28. The first flight of the plane, already as An-28, took place 29 January 1973 year. Later, the engines of the aircraft were replaced by the engines of TVD-10B, the power of 960 hp. The flight with these engines, the pre-production An-28 aircraft took place in 1975 in April. After passing state tests, in 1986 year, the aircraft was launched into the series. But after the production of several AN-28 production aircraft, in 1987, the production license was transferred to the Polish aircraft factory PZL Mielec.

An 28 Salon

An 28 Salon


The first Polish An-28 took to the skies on July 22, 1984. Later in 1992, the aircraft was modified and received the designation PZL M28 "Skytruck". This aircraft modification is powered by economical Canadian-made Pratt & Whitney PT6A-65B engines with a capacity of about 1100 hp. The PZL M28 aircraft is also equipped with the new Bendix-King avionics. The production of this modification of the aircraft began in 1993 and is being produced to this day at the Polish aircraft plant in the city of Mielec.

An Interior 28 2

Antonov An-28 213 Salon


Technical characteristics of the AN-28:

  • Length: 13,10 m.

  • Height: 4,90 m.

  • Empty weight: 3500 kg.

  • Wing area: 39,70 sq.m.

  • Wingspan: 22,06 m.

  • Cruising speed: 330 km / h..

  • Maximum speed: 350 km / h..

  • Ceiling: 9000 m.

  • Flight range: 1500-1950 km.

  • Length of takeoff: 270 m.

  • Path length: 170-190 m.

  • Engines: 2 turboprop TVD-10B engines

  • Crew: 1-2 people

  • Number of seats: 15-18 Places


First flight as a prototype of An-14M: April 30, 1968

The first flight as the AN-28: 29 1973 year in January

Years of production: 1975 to date as a modified PZL M28 aircraft (Poland).



An-28 video

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Type certificate No. TL 0023 issued by SAA of Ukranie

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I can say only one flight on An-28 is only cool feeling. To be honest this is the only machine that gave me a lot of impressions. It seems to me that the AN-28 king of all airplanes and more I have nothing to say.

Yes, it's been a time when Anushka had to work. And we are all hard to accept it. I personally will never forget the An-28, since it was my very first plane, which I flew. There were, of course, and scrapes, but no longer remembered only the good cases. I would like to see this plane no one will ever forget, because such aircraft, probably will not be.

I'm on the An-28 flew to 90h years. For me, this was a real aircraft missile. But once it happened that we were in cold clouds, and did not include heating, so the motor will stop in mid-air. First there was fear, but we were able to run one engine and fly it to the destination. I can talk about this airplane for a long time and I'm thankful every day that she gave me the opportunity to fly the An-28, I believe that this machine is the best creation of domestic aviation. I will never forget the kid An-28!

For me, the AN-28 just super. I flew on this plane or one year and can not talk about its benefits without interruption. It was, however, a time during the flight began to rain and the storm, and unexpectedly, but our pilots were able to land the plane, with no casualties. To me, Ahn-28 will always be the most robust and reliable aircraft in the world!

As a pilot, I had to manage this car at the end of the 90. Passed retraining in Aktyubinsk. The planes bought in Poland were sent to the Mielek plant. When they were driven to the airport and started to take off for the first time, a crowd of curious people gathered to see this "crazy" take-off! Yes, it took off like a rocket: a small take-off, lifting the front wheel, then you can tilt the steering wheel - and in an instant before you only the instrument panel and the sky. In the manual, it was stated that take-off is permitted only with the lighted auto-fusing lamps. In this mode, the pilots and passengers were sitting on their backs "on the back"! Then, having tested the plane, the gray routine of its operation began: in different weather, the time of day the machine behaved confidently and practically worked without failures. One day, my colleague forgot to turn on the heating when entering the supercooled clouds, the result is engine failure. Luckily, one of the engines was able to turn on and fly to the base airport. I can tell a lot more about An-28. Once it was landing at visibility of less than 200 m, I was offered an escort vehicle from the airport to bring the plane to the parking lot. Another was the case: on the eve of the New Year I loaded on board 2 times more passengers so that they could meet the holiday with families, one had to fly even in the toilet, sitting on the toilet. I am frankly glad that I had to manage An-28, each of the flights brought only positive emotions and sensations.


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