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We conquered hypersound: the weapon that has become the most powerful in the world
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ARC "Dagger" - weapons that have become the most powerful in the world

ARC "Dagger" - weapons that have become the most powerful in the world


The world has stepped into the era of hypersonic weapons. It is the era, since since the very moment when Russian scientists and engineers have created, successfully tested and put into service a hypersonic airborne missile system, this weapon has become a priority for the development of any army in the world. This is due primarily to the fact that, in comparison with conventional conventional weapons, or even supersonic weapons, hypersonic weapons, in particular, the air-missile complex "Dagger", makes any anti-aircraft and anti-missile defense system useless.


ARC "Dagger"


So it happened that the information on the creation, successful testing and staging on the pilot-combat duty hypersonic aviation missile system "Dagger", was a complete surprise. 1 March 2018, in a message to the Federal Assembly, Vladimir Putin announced this publicly, thus provoking a genuine interest in both ordinary citizens and representatives of military blocs.



What is the hypersonic weapon "Dagger"? "Dagger" is a Russian hypersonic air-missile complex, which includes a carrier aircraft and a combat rocket moving at hypersonic speeds. In fact, the aircraft carrier, which, according to experts, will become the Su-57 fighter-bomber (or one of its modifications) in the future, will deliver the hypersonic missile to the point of discharge, after which the hypersonic missile ARK "Dagger" will develop the speed of the flight in 12250 km / h., And, maneuvering, depending on the terrain conditions, will go to the specified goal. Considering the speed of the flight, the hypersonic missile will be able to reach the most distant target (more than 2000 kilometers - author's note) in less than 10 minutes, which makes the air defense and missile defense systems completely useless, since interception of such missiles is practically impossible.



"Dagger" to Enemies for Envy



The appearance of the hypersonic weapon "Dagger" in the arsenal of the Russian army caused a lot of bewilderment among the various military blocs, in particular, it is NATO, since the first American prototype of a hypersonic missile is supposed to be tested only in 2019 year, while the weapons themselves will be used by the US not before 2021 year, which indicates the fact that Russia seized military advantage with a difference of several years.

The key feature of the ARC "Dagger" is the fact that it is impossible to detect the movement of the air-missile complex, that is, the hypersonic missile itself can be installed on any aircraft carrier. Moreover, given officially presented data that missiles can carry both normal charges and nuclear weapons, the destruction caused by the Russian "Dagger" may prove to be enormous, and even advanced protection will not save the object planned for destruction.



Experts believe that in the near future, on the basis of a hypersonic rocket, modernized versions will also appear. Able to perform flights for far distances, say, up to 3-4 thousand kilometers.

Despite the fact that the Ministry of Defense officially stated that the Russian hypersonic air-missile complex "Dagger" is not so promising and innovative, and certainly does not pose any threat to "... the most powerful army in the world ...", independent experts call the ARC "Dagger" the most powerful weapon in the world, capable of destroying almost any object, regardless of whether it is a question of land targets, sea or space objects.


Kostyuchenko Yuriy specifically for

Well, that in a few years the Americans are doing such a cinema hall, but we must take into account that the speed is such that we simply destroyed another friend, the witch does not save us.

Principle of Americans: The technique should be fought, not people!
And we all have the opposite: People are at war, not equipment.
It was also in the Second World War. The good that won
Our military, the rulers, the specialists did not understand that in the modern war the number of soldiers no longer plays any role.
Therefore, we always lose people: In Vietnam, Afghanistan, Syria (already more than 1100, but they are not written about).
And how much do Americans lose? Units. They are fighting technology.
Remember the words of former adviser K. Rice: We will not fight against Russia, but Russian soldiers will have to fight with American weapons.
Note, not with American soldiers, but with American weapons, i.e. with the technique. And it is, to the Russian soldiers, and not to Russian technology.

And so in American tanks there is still no automatic loading device? Demagogy.

The dagger will release stuffing to any aggressor

Yes, there are no targeting systems. What systems if it Iskander shifted to an aeroballistic trajectory. And the developers would ask to reveal the secret of communication through the plasma cloud. And according to the parameters of the usual Iskander, where better, do not have an airfield, an airplane (everything will be destroyed in the first second). He drove to the woods and fucked. Horseradish Aegis intercepts-5M at the entrance to the atmosphere. And cheaper-in 20 times.

There is no secret here, plasma as an antenna and acts

agree with the fact that from the air, and even during the dispersal of 3200 km for the launch is not bad even the searcher is cheap and angry

"capable of destroying almost any object, regardless of whether it is a question of land targets, sea or space objects." Another "absolute weapon"? A target designation for firing at 2000 km to him who will give? Fitness Trackers? And are we really so rich in interceptors designed to destroy the massive attacks of cruise missiles that we can safely turn them into attack aircraft?

it would be naive to believe that for such a combat system, a target designation system has not been developed. Putin certainly will not delve into such technical details, let alone talk about them publicly. There are many savvy experts who know more about the Russian army than the president ...

as it was a long time ago in 80, our radio-optical images of the objects of the probable enemy were still on 31 in 83-85. So we already put these parameters into the onboard time, taking into account that they will be transmitted in any fraction of a second rocket. You missed a lot of friends! Probably sick!

Why bother water in the mortar, read and listen to independent experts, weapons characteristics, in the end the story look, then argue.

ALL THIS IS GOOD, PUTIN HAMMER! BUT VYA, LIFE IS BETTER NOT BECOMING, AND THE ECONOMY DOES NOT RISE, ONLY THE DEFENSE COLOR! GLORY TO PUTIN! It is necessary to think and think about the simple people, to raise their own economy, and not depend on the US. We buy steel from them, and where is our steel, industry?

Russia has a different path! Our neighbors can only think about the economy. For example, Azerbaijan does not need such weapons. If Russia does not stand, then the Pindos take up the others and they will fuck with small nuclear strikes. Putin chose the right strategy: showing a weak economy - sat down on the bottom, but he did it secretly.

Our steel at us and America does not take it

It's funny? Russia buys steel from America ??? America introduces duties on the import of steel to support its producer - that's the fact !!! Our steelworks are in America itself ...

"As you all know, natural gas is transported through a gas pipeline from Western Europe through Ukraine to Russia." The case of Psaka lives and flourishes.

Tell me, you want to your apartment, to buy a lot of all useful, expensive gadgets, when thieves are waiting for a convenient moment to rob you. So it can be more reasonable, first to establish good protection of such an apartment ?!

The less you trust, the more sophisticated you will be deceived.
If you follow the logic of yours, then do not have thieves (enemies);)
Not on earth should be measured with pisces)), and conquer outer space.

Delusion of some kind, according to your logic, that you would not be deceived by sophistication, you need to trust everyone in everything ... Then you need to cut off locks from the doors and go somewhere to rest the thread, forces to be typed before hard working days)))

Steel Americans are buying, including from Russia, the United States recently introduced duties 25% of the imported steel from Russia.

Sleep, thinking that at night someone will come (as it already happened in our history) better with a bat under the pillow.

Pro, "We are not going to attack anyone!"! You have a short memory-7 Feb.2018, your specialists from Izhemnets were smeared on the walls! It's not for you Chechenia, Georgia or Donbas, while you ponutte this hyper basin, they have already covered you in Deir- el-zori. Why so many weapons to attack, but the occasion you will always find!

After that incident, American trainers were smeared in the training camp in Gut 10, and that, UWB, too, are silent. Nobody wants to engage in a direct confrontation now!

Strongly do not rejoice! After 41 year was 45, and after 1996 came zero! And rotten baba gathered in the woods! With banderlogami and gringo will be too, only not as a show, but quietly and to shreds! Specialists for 14 will take% - 15-17. Hide, babai.

Why are you so nervous? We have rusty basins that can not do anything to anyone .. Live with this "reality" and do not pay attention to us and our weapons! We do not have to prove anything to you ..))

How can you invent and implement projects without knowing how to write articles correctly and without errors? In the USSR, military bonzes were eager to have aircraft carriers, but "Wishka" could not. The same mood was in front of the Second World War, and everyone: from small to large, and military and, so to speak, "peaceful citizens" threatening the whole world with a violent transition to the world of communism. Arms at Роисси was at times more than at leading каблстран, human resources too, but that from this has turned out - everyone knows. So stop threatening the world and spend $ 2000000 per day on the war in Syria, and strive to improve the quality of life of your citizens. Do you read this and laugh, do you think the authors do not have enough brains, or should this article raise the patriotic spirit of fellow citizens, like the notorious libel about Panfilovites?

In general, an intelligent person is considered literate at least what he is trying to talk about. Can you welcome the lazy campaign of the whole of Europe led by the Demoniac to the USSR? So here like all points on and set up the Nuremberg tribunal. In general, the intelligentsia is now associated with a name obscene and I would be ashamed to be so named.

intellegent - from the word cart?
And the reasoning from the same opera, especially about the Great Russian 41-45.

tele-ha is what Pindosovsky is like a TV-visor. A truly Russian invention is a wheelbarrow with one wheel. Remember this. The truly Russian military strategy is to flee without looking back to Moscow (Napoleon) or to the Volga (Hitler). They would have fled to the Yenisei, but the Germans were exhausted to catch up with the Russians and began on the Volga. And so would Baikal skipped, did not notice. Learn the history of car lovers.

The Germans are tired of the Volga. Like I understand you correctly? And then the Germans probably did not retreat, but simply restored their breath. You juggle with words, interpreting the story in your own way.

Even if we compare the potential of the USSR and the countries of the Hitlerite coalition, the preponderance was not in the direction of the USSR. And there is nothing to say about the country's cap.
Do not forget the classics. Napoleon said, who does not want to feed his army will feed someone else's.

Carriers? We had, only our strategy of design and application is different. we do not need a suitcase. We have carrier-based cruisers, autonomous and do not require escort. at the same "Kuzi" except the air group Granita (PKR) and Fort (naval S-300)

The Germans also raved about ocean raiders. How many battles did Bismarck? And in modern conditions, any single surface ship will be a victim before making the first shot or launching airplanes.

Intelligent, apparently you wait a little. What did you take from us that they will give us their efforts to improve the quality of life of their citizens? Qaddafi exactly the way he did as you suggest and where is he now?

Intelligent, ask yourself a question - why does NATO's military budget exceed the RF military budget more than 20 times? Only in Afghanistan, the US spent more than TRILLION dollars. Are they full idiots, or gods on Earth for people like you?

You meet your pseudonym for 100%. A rotten layer of any society (more precisely, gasket) in every way killing its own homeland. This has always been the case, beginning with the wars with Napoleon and ending with the present time. Yes, my country had ideas to make the world safer, albeit not very humane. But why does not this gasket want to see the world around us? If it were not for our weapons - we (and gaskets too) would have long ago (if we were alive) served gas stations of Pindos and Pindos-like! Only after 45, USA unleashed more than 50 wars - is there nothing in the perineum clear? Who used nuclear weapons in Japan? Yes, we have to pay a low standard of living for the opportunity to live free, but it's better to die standing than live on your knees! About the number of weapons do not lie - our "partners" almost always had it many times over, and even now - the countries of the NATO block of conventional weapons are far ahead of us. If you know how to read - read the official Western statistics. And communism is a great idea, almost all of its provisions are consonant with Christian values, so you and kolbasit at the mention of it. About the Panfilovites - people heroically died and there is no need for the scoundrels to spoil the bright memory of the heroes of my country.

There were Panfilov, and other heroic soldiers and just residents of the Soviet country, and if it were not, then the USSR would not have won a victory over Europe. And now every rot tries to humiliate our country, and does not even suspect that our people are only rallying more. Let God's health be to my compatriots!

What is your business, what are we inventing there, what are we armed with? While there are idiots in the world, we need to think about our own safety! The US lives just like this, and at someone else's expense .. at the expense of just such idiots .. We're walking on our own. And we'll decide what's what for .. Your opinion is "very important for us" .. Bugaga

For Intell ...... Once again, read the nonsense you wrote, fix the errors, start thinking with your head, and not with the seat and go with God from the distance.

then learn to write in Russian! rissya - literacy, though hang!)))
intellectual of horseradish.

I'm a nasty, fucking bot, scribbling wrathful letters from behind the mound to poke Russians, because I do not know how to do anything else, I have no conscience, and Uncle Sam pays for it.

Respected! About * Wishlist * Construction of aircraft carriers in the USSR ??? - You are mistaken! Admiral Kuznetsov-built! The second one remained in Ukraine-and was sold to China! And according to those times the USSR would have had enough of these! Russia is not Britain, or the United States! Yes! they need aircraft carriers! -They have a border! -it is water !!! And just about * the preponderance * of weapons in 1941 year? -we know it all! And the main thing! -that all has ended !!! Enemies * finished off * in his own * BERLOGY! * - that is, in Berlin! (or do not you know this?) Napoleon for some reason * went * to Russia! The Swedes at Poltava * shed! etc (The list to win Russia is great!) Only EVERYTHING! When Russia * attacked * Sweden, Belgium, Spain, France, Germany, and so on. (according to the list of countries in Europe!) - somehow everything happens on the territory of Russia! (It does not seem to you?) And then what is spent on the destruction of IGil! -it is * breaking * Armaments in real conditions! Is the teaching of small money worth? -and here for * real * purposes! And about threats to the whole world? -You were not listening to Putin! --- Russia! no one is going to attack! But the fact that Russia * has been encircled * with a dense ring NATO missile installations is the answer of Russia! From the territory of ANY country, if * the missile flies! -The country will be destroyed in 10-15 minutes! -it will remain only ashes! - (this is me already from myself!) - it concerns Poland, Romania, Germany, the Baltic countries! there! -Where are missile installations! and I think it's serious!

Well, suppose I would remove Sweden from this list. Barclay de Tolly received the Field Marshal General precisely because he conducted the Russian army on the ice of the Gulf of Bothnia to Stockholm.

Such a huge number of exclamation marks in a small message indicates that you, my friend, are clearly overexcited. I guess it's caused by your militaristic joy after the cartoons about our miracle weapons. Yes you, dear, you need to be treated, tablets to drink soothing ...

1941 year is just an example when our ambitions and the latest weapons were broken into dust for hours. The best in the world tanks BT, T34 and KV (seriously) in a huge number, more than the Germans - in the tank corps concentrated on the border were destroyed and captured during the Belostok-Minsk battle 28 June, the Germans took Minsk-325000 irrevocable losses from us and 15000 from the Germans. And the planes are no worse than the German ones (and this is how successfully the whole war was fought on the I-16) - they were killed or flew to the east in a matter of hours. This is the result of the shortcomings in supply, communication and debilitism of our marshals. And now they will give us a muzzle about the table, no Ural and evacuation will not save. We must learn to fight. Remember the war.

Yes what there to study. Science is great - run without looking back to Moscow or to the Volga, or, at the worst, to Vladivostok. And the enemy in any case will suffocate to run after him and he will come back. And there winter will come again, frosts will strike and victory will be ours because our cause is right and the enemy will be defeated!

On the borders of T34 and KV certainly was not. T34 in 1940 was only adopted for service, because Koshkin drove it to test in the winter of 139-40. KV is a very heavy tank. Power reserve 25 km with one refueling. Railway cargo platforms of that time could not transport them. THEM were units in the troops. So do not read about it at leisure and do not chase the snowstorm. And-16 "assholes" were rather weak against Me109, but our VIVAS lost 50% of the park on the first day.
And the main mistake is that they, the German generals, studied at our academy of the General Staff and knew what it was required to do to the commander of a large unit in tactical terms, hence the loss ...
Read the story, Misha.

That's how you were ignorant and stayed. 216 tanks xNUMX and 34 square only in buildings in the area of ​​Minsk. Yes, and our airplanes I-50md16 and I-4 were no worse than Me-153. At the I-109 in the north, fought until 16 year. And it's not that the German generals studied in the wrong system of organizing the operation, the small number of refuellers and the main thing is not understanding the blow on the flanks. So the Germans defeated both the French and the British in Belgium and the Americans in the Ardennes. They also learned from us. You see, the damage to your brain has already come-you do not have long to look-look at the adenoma.

In the tank corps at the Białystok Promen there were hundreds of T-34 and dozens of KV-1 (if you know what it is). You do not pick your nose and read at least the Internet "Minsk-Bialystok battle." Though you'll get a little crazy. And it can be seen only watching TV.

In what, what year, T-34 were captured or defeated by the Wehrmacht ... When did they start to be released?