Arsenyev Aviation Company "Progress" named after NI Sazykin
Arsenyev Aviation Company "Progress" named after NI Sazykin

Arsenyev Aviation Company "Progress" named after NI Sazykin


Arsenyev Aviation Company "Progress" named after NI Sazykin is one of the largest in the Russian Federation. "Progress" produces aerospace parts, as well as a narrow range of helicopters. The pride of the company is the Ka-52, which is created specifically commissioned by the Russian Federation Ministry of Defence. The plant employs more than 6200 people, they occupy an area of ​​290 000 sq.m.

It is worth noting the merits of the state level of the plant and workers. The first award was received in the year 1977 - Order of Red Banner of Labor, as well as in 1986, the Order of the October Revolution. Personal awards received more than 625 people. Three of them were awarded the highest rank - Heroes of Socialist Labor, This plant manager, fitter and turner..

"Progress" yuteir vertoelet

Construction of the plant began in the distant year 1936, in techenie1938 year 3 replaced director. The first of them was shot even before the housing were put into operation, he was accused of sabotage and the postponement of construction activities, in 1977 but he was acquitted. In 1937 years intrudes SI Apostles, but in a year it changes Novikov. It was the last director, began to give the first of automotive body plant. At the same time begins the repair of some models of aircraft and their engines.

Construction of aircraft began in late 1940 years. The first training model UT-2, and in May 1941 years, the people of the official type of aircraft was introduced was released. A landmark event for car repair №116 plant became the Great Patriotic War, for her years, this factory has made virtually 6000 aircraft, with only two models.


made a symbolic model -

is Ka-52,

titled "Alligator"

In 1959 years director of the plant becomes Sazykin, it was under his leadership begins construction of missile technology that raises the plant to a new level. Exactly ten years later, №116 plant produces its first helicopter, released only two models, but in the end 1241 machine. Since 1972, the plant produces cannon helicopters that can be safely used in combat.

Arsenyev Aviation Company "Progress" named after NI Sazykin helicopters

It is worth noting one plant pride - sport aircraft Yak-50 model. Produce them at 1973 1986 years, during which time it was released 2 model - Yak and Yak-50-55. In total, came 532 machine.

To date, made a symbolic model - a Ka-52, titled "Alligator", it is designed for exploration in all weather conditions, as well as for any kind of fight.

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If I understand correctly, the first director of the plant was acquitted posthumously ... But in general, the article is very pleased. Thank you! Still, not everything is in our long-suffering Russian "privatized", something else has gosudarstvennoe.Novikov-done! Apparently, this man Soviet modesty. Such people need to educate themselves in the life of receivers, recommend them, although it is "our" Aligarh can not resist neither "Alligator". I would like to believe that he was one "eye" is not allowed.