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The aircraft type ASN-206 was designed and manufactured by Chinese designers in the company with the support of Xian University of Technology. This unit is also known as W-50. The first version of the prototype is still in ASN-206 took off in the early 1995 years. The project was completed in the year 1996, the car finished the UAV can be operated at any time.

The main task of UAV ASN-206 was to conduct intelligence operations, watching the movement of enemy forces and carrying out adjustments artillery strikes. You can also use while on patrol or survey area. It is possible to use this machine in geological prospecting.

The design of the car is quite successful, which made it possible to achieve excellent flight performance. Thus, ASN-206 has a wingspan of 6 meters, and the length is only 3,8 meters. As for the weight, when fully equipped, it reaches an index of 222 kg, from which 50 kilograms are a payload. The flight provides a power plant, consisting of a single engine, which has a power of 50 horsepower. The engine drives a pushing screw. Even this small engine allows to accelerate the vehicle to 210 km / h and raise to an altitude of 6 kilometers. The application radius is also quite large and is equal to 150 kilometers from the control point.

The ASN-206 package includes high-quality optical equipment manufactured in Israel from Tadiran. This complex consists of a photo and video camera, which can carry out a panoramic survey of the terrain. In addition, the machine is equipped with infrared sensors and guidance systems, target designation and positioning. All information from the drone is transmitted to the ground control station in real time and on a different scale. The launch of an aircraft is possible only with the use of the launch system and rocket boosters, which are installed on the UAV. The entire launch complex is transported on the basis of the chassis of the truck. Located on the car launch complex is able to run 10 devices and manage them.

ASN-206. Characteristics:

Modification ASN-206
Wingspan, m 6.00
Length m 3.80
Height, m 1.40
Weight, kg  
payload 50
maximum take-off 222
engine's type 1 AP HS-700
Power, hp X 1 50
Maximum speed km / h 210
Range, km 150
Flight duration, h  
normal 4
maximum 8
Practical ceiling, m 5000-6000


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