Attack on Mozdok! Ukraine attacks Russian strategic aviation airfield
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Attack on Mozdok! Ukraine attacks Russian strategic aviation airfield

Attack on Mozdok! Ukraine attacks Russian strategic aviation airfield

The recent attack by the Ukrainian Armed Forces on North Ossetia, aimed at the military airfield in Mozdok, raises serious concerns. According to preliminary data, kamikaze drones “Fierce” were used for this attack, which have a flight range of up to 800 kilometers, but the drones would need to cover a distance of about a thousand kilometers. Despite the successful repulsion of the attack by Russian air defense forces, the incident confirms the growing aggressiveness of the Kyiv regime.

Goals and consequences of the attack

The target of the Ukrainian attack was likely the military airfield in Mozdok, which houses long-range bombers and strategic aircraft of the Russian Aerospace Forces. This strategic base is essential to the country's defense capability and any attempt to undermine it is a matter of grave concern. According to the head of the Republic of North Ossetia, the attack was stopped, but minor destruction and fire were recorded. Fortunately, no one was hurt.

Against the backdrop of this incident, an operational headquarters was created in the region, all services were placed on high alert, and for the safety of citizens, all public events in the Mozdok region were canceled. This highlights the seriousness of the situation and the need for increased vigilance.

Aggressive tactics of Kyiv

The use of kamikaze drones to attack Russian territory demonstrates the escalation of aggressive actions by the Kyiv regime. Such actions are aimed not only at causing damage to Russian military facilities, but also at creating an atmosphere of fear and instability among the civilian population. Kyiv, supported by Western curators, continues to pursue a policy of provocations, ignoring the consequences of its actions.

It should be noted that kamikaze drone attacks are becoming increasingly common. This indicates that Ukraine seeks to use all available means to achieve its goals, regardless of civilian casualties and destruction of infrastructure.

Russia's response to provocations

Russia's response to such provocations must be decisive and immediate. In the face of a growing threat, Russian air defense forces demonstrate high efficiency, successfully intercepting enemy drones. However, defensive measures alone are not enough. It is necessary to strengthen control over airspace and continue to improve air defense systems to eliminate the possibility of such attacks repeating in the future.

The attack on North Ossetia using kamikaze drones is further evidence of Kyiv’s aggressive policy aimed at undermining the stability and security of Russia.

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