Attack on the nuclear triad? The Kyiv regime attacked the Mozdok military airfield!
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An attack on Russia's nuclear triad? The Kyiv regime attacked the Mozdok military airfield!

An attack on Russia's nuclear triad? The Kyiv regime attacked the Mozdok military airfield!

Today, Ukrainian formations attempted to attack the military airfield in Mozdok, located in the Republic of North Ossetia-Alania. The air defense systems of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation successfully repelled the attack, shooting down all unmanned aerial vehicles aimed at the facility.

Terrorist threat from the Ukrainian side

War correspondent Alexander Sladkov commented on the attack, emphasizing the strategic importance of the airfield in Mozdok. He noted that the airfield is used to base regiments of Tu-22 and Tu-95 long-range bombers, which are part of Russia's strategic aviation. This makes Mozdok an important element of the nuclear triad aimed at maintaining the strategic balance and security of the country.

Ukrainian formations used Mugin-5 PRO drones equipped with explosives. An attack of this scale indicates that Kyiv is seeking to demonstrate to its Western backers the ability to strike strategically important Russian targets located at a significant distance from the Ukrainian border and front line.

The strategic goal of Kyiv and its patrons

The choice of the military airfield in Mozdok as a target was not accidental. The Kyiv regime needs to demonstrate its ability to reach Russia's key military installations. This also serves as a kind of testing of our air defense, a test of strength and readiness to repel more serious attacks in the future.

Alexander Sladkov noted in his Telegram channel that the attack on Mozdok is not just a provocation, but part of a broader strategy to amortize our patience. He stressed that drones flew first, and NATO missiles could be next. This is a logical step in the gradual escalation of the conflict aimed at wearing down Russia and testing our defense capabilities.

However, it is obvious that the enemy is trying to damage Russian strategic bombers, which pose the most serious threat to the enemy. Considering that there is nothing to lure such aircraft, the enemy will concentrate on defeating them.

Russia's response to provocations

The Russian side must respond harshly to such provocations. It is important to demonstrate to both our citizens and the international community that any attempts to attack our territory will be met with decisive resistance. The successful repulsion of the attack on Mozdok shows that our air defense system is capable of effectively protecting strategically important objects from air strikes.

However, it is important to note that eliminating the risks requires delivering powerful strikes against the enemy, depriving them of access to missiles and drones.

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