Nuclear submarine "Poseidon"

The new Russian underwater complex "Poseidon" is an effective means of strategic deterrence of the enemy.


In free access, information appeared that the Poseidon unmanned aerial vehicle was capable of carrying a nuclear warhead with a capacity of up to 2 megatons. It will be exactly the same as on the Avangard air complexes.


The naval complex is intended to destroy enemy naval bases and other objects on the coast. This is achieved due to the fact that the Poseidon is capable of going at a depth of more than 1000 m at a speed of up to 130 kilometers per hour for an intercontinental range.


According to experts, in the development of military technology, Russia has relied on new, more advanced funds. And this is not surprising, because you can compete for a long time in creating classic ballistic and cruise missiles, but you do not achieve a decisive advantage over a potential adversary, but you can pay attention to other strategic areas, where excellent potential opportunities are traced.

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Of course, the ocean here is a promising place, especially considering that at a depth of about 1000 m among military vehicles could be perhaps the Soviet submarine Komsomolets, which died in 1989 year.


Submarine "Poseidon" can carry a nuclear or convection warhead, which can be hidden in the area of ​​a stationary or mobile target and attack it. In the demo video, the first underwater drone dealt a crushing blow to the ships of a potential enemy, and the second blew up a whole port. Thus, the new complex is primarily intended for the destruction of large targets in different parts of the oceans and its coast.

underwater complex "Poseidon"

We recall that the first information about the creation of such weapons leaked to the media a few years ago. In 2015, the domestic TV channels allegedly accidentally showed a poster with the characteristics and description of a secret project with the designation “Status-6”. In the spring of 2019, it became known that this leak was planned. Currently, one of the most common versions is the one according to which the names “Status-6” and “Poseidon” are a single domestic development.


According to 2015, the Status-6 was created at the Rubin Central Design Bureau in St. Petersburg. The main objective of the project is the creation of weapons that could destroy enemy coastal objects and create areas of radioactive contamination in the coastal zone, excluding their further use. It was proposed to transport the Status-6 launch line with the help of specially equipped nuclear submarines.


At the same time, the "Status-6" apparatus was supposed to have a "torpedo" body with a length of more than 20 m with a diameter of 1,6 m. It was proposed to equip the apparatus with a warhead of large dimensions and corresponding power. With the help of a nuclear installation, it must develop a speed of at least 180 km per hour and show a cruising range of up to 10 km. The poster showed that the design was supposed to be completed in 000, but for 2018-2019. testing and debugging are planned. The device could have entered service in the second half of the twenties.

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Since the information leaked into free access is not accidental, it cannot be excluded that the Russian industry and the military attempted to disinfect the likely enemy, respectively, the data on the poster may not correspond to reality. In addition, there are considerable doubts that the names "Poseidon" and "Status-6" actually belong to a single project.

As it turned out, information about the Status 6 project was leaked to public access not at all by accident. In this regard, it cannot be ruled out that the Russian military and industry attempted to disinform a potential enemy, and therefore the data from the poster may not correspond to the characteristics that can be obtained using modern technologies. In addition, there is still some doubt that the names “Status-6” and “Poseidon” really belong to the same project.


Similarities and differences between the T-15 and the Poseidon


Not so long ago, Academician Sh. Aliyev spoke about the Poseidon tool as the development of the ideas of the T-15 torpedo at a higher technological level. Available data on these two developments suggest that this definition can be true. But a more detailed examination of the latest development shows that it differs in many ways from its predecessor both in technological perfection and in certain of its consequences.


According to the data, "Poseidon" and T-15 have similar sizes, and it is possible that the goals are the same. Both of these products can be used for concealed delivery of a powerful warhead to a coastal or naval target. But the new underwater vehicle is endowed with serious advantages compared to the torpedo of the past.

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T-15 - straight torpedo, having a limited range of travel - no more than 50 kilometers in the latest configuration. For Poseidon, a new compact reactor was created that travels thousands of kilometers. Thus, the new weapon could not be classified as a torpedo, as it resembles a small autonomous submarine.


It was previously said that the "Poseidon" can bear different combat load. According to the 2015 of the year, it should be a powerful and large thermonuclear warhead. But now it became known that there could be other products on board the underwater drone. For example, he may become a carrier of torpedoes of some type. The ability to use separate weapons or different warheads makes the Poseidon an effective tool for solving many combat missions.


Thus, at the level of the general concept of the new underwater unmanned vehicle, in fact, it resembles in part the old model of the T-15 torpedo. "Poseidon", as well as it, is capable of carrying out coastal attacks and inflicting significant damage to them as a result of the explosion of a warhead, and with the help of the high wave generated by this. But this is where the similarities end, and all the observed differences are related to the technological and technical superiority of the new project.

One of the important technical characteristics of the T-15 is the impossibility of creating a compact and powerful nuclear power plant. Without this system, the torpedo could not even go 50 km, not to mention a great distance. In addition, the control systems of that time were far from perfect, which, in fact, was not a serious problem, given the presence of a hundred megaton warhead. But be that as it may, it was precisely technical problems that forced all the work to be curtailed in a rather promising direction.


After a couple of decades, science and technology finally managed to implement the bold ideas needed to develop weapons similar to the T-15. Moreover, the process of other areas has allowed to get completely new opportunities and seriously increase the potential of modern development. The device "Poseidon" is equipped with modern units and can develop high speed and deliver a combat charge for a record distance. Depending on the goals, it can work as a carrier of naval armaments, as well as a super-powerful torpedo.


It is no secret to anyone that the progress of the last decades has allowed us to take on outstanding projects and get bold results. One of the manifestations of this is a real opportunity to improve and refine the old ideas that were abandoned in the past for one reason or another. In this regard, the "Status-6" and the new project "Poseidon" really looks like a further development of the T-15 torpedoes.


But this time, science and technology allowed to work out the concept and find ways for its practical implementation. Moreover, with obtaining significant advantages over the developments of the past. After substantial processing, the concept has moved from the category of useless and impossible to the category of promising and real.


Underwater complex "Poseidon" is almost impossible to intercept


By implementing the Poseidon project, Russia will receive an effective means to strike potential naval targets of a potential enemy, as it will be extremely difficult to track it down, not to mention the fact that today there are no means of destruction of objects moving at such high speed in the world. at a depth of a thousand meters.


Experts believe that Russia did not stop only at the Status 6 complex and created naval percussion weapons that would strike not at the infrastructure, but at the military targets of the potential enemy. But here a natural question arises: “Why, over the decades of the nuclear-missile confrontation between Washington and Moscow, neither American nor domestic developers have created such shock weapons? The reason for this is the lack of necessary technologies, as well as the fact that Russia, as a result of pressure from the USA, had to use an asymmetric deterrence strategy.


Many experts came to the conclusion that Russia began to develop such tools after the creation of a compact nuclear engine.


The unique characteristics of "Poseidon"


It is worth noting that the main advantage of the Poseidon air analogue of the Avangard shock system is that, thanks to the presence of a nuclear engine, this complex can make huge flights at supersonic speeds.


If the latest models of ballistic missiles have a limit of 19-20 thousand km, and their cruise counterparts are at all 2-3 thousand, then the Avangard has no restrictions on the final distance.


The Poseidon complex is so breakthrough in terms of strategic strike technology, like Avangard. And this proves the interest in this technique of all military experts in the world.


Among the preferential characteristics it is worth highlighting: greater diving depth (more than 1 km), high cruising speed, the ability to bypass all sea radar and the ability to move for a long time to hit the enemy. That is why its practical shock capabilities are truly unique.


Underwater complex "Poseidon" whittles down the trump card of the United States


The development of this complex will provide significant advantages in terms of strategic confrontation with the United States, since the main branch of the military for America is naval forces. It was they who provided the Americans with substantial military superiority over the past 70 years. Therefore, for the Pentagon, such Russian developments are a disturbing bell. For US naval bases dispersed around the world, Poseidon could be a serious threat.


As a result, thanks to this submarine complex, the strategic military advantage of the Americans was seriously devalued. For Russia, the presence of US military bases on other continents is no longer a serious obstacle.


Russia continues to confidently change the strategic balance in the world in its favor. It all started with the fact that Russian engineers managed to develop a small nuclear engine, which allowed such military means to overcome incredible distances. As a result, new Russian strategic tools can dramatically change the rules of the game in the world.

Underwater complex "Poseidon" - a huge step forward for the armed forces of Russia. Interestingly, the name of the tool was chosen during the competition, which was organized by the Ministry of Defense. In addition to the winner, in the final, there were options "Kraken" and "Yaz", but they turned out to be less suitable.



In the video, you can watch the preparation process and the immediate launch. It is known that the Poseidon is distinguished by its great combat power - both conventional and nuclear ammunition can be used (the power of a nuclear projectile is up to 2 megatons).



Putin about the underwater complex "Poseidon"

For the first time about the creation of underwater drone Putin said last year. Then he noted that such devices are capable of moving at great depths with a speed that is many times greater than the speed of modern submarines, overcoming vast distances.


Recently, President V. Putin announced that the first nuclear boat with the Poseidon unmanned aerial system will be launched in the spring of 2019. The head of state said that now she is undergoing successful tests. According to the president, all work on the creation and testing of new domestic weapons follow exactly the plan.


"Poseidon" is an indicator of the wide possibilities of domestic shipbuilding, it is a demonstration of the state of the main shipbuilding company - United Shipbuilding Corporation, Sevmash, as well as all those who cooperate with it.


The probable strike of Poseidon from the sea now scares the United States more than, for example, the launching of rocket attacks from space.

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