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ATR 42 (APR 42)


ATR 42, a family of short-haul aircraft, the production of «Avions de Transport Regional» combined Franco-Italian aviation group.

Turboprop, twin-engine ATR 42, is the regional aircraft designed primarily for passenger transport on short in routing. Final assembly of the aircraft ATR 42, like the Airbus, made in Toulouse.

The program for the development of ATR 42, was officially opened in October 1981 years.

As the concept of the aircraft, the design of a twin-engine monoplane was chosen, with a high-lying, elongated wing of a trapezoidal shape and a "T" -shaped tail unit. The first prototype aircraft was designated ATR-42-200, This modification was built for testing purposes and was not released serially. The wing of the aircraft and the engine nacelles were designed by the now abolished French, aerospace engineering company, Aerospatiale. The length of the wing of the aircraft is equal to 24,57 meters. Such a wingspan, with an overall length of an airplane of 22,67 meters, allows it to remain as stable as possible at low flight speeds, for example during a landing approach. Under the wings of the first prototype, ATR-42, turbo-prop engines Pratt & Whitney Canada PW120, powered by 1800 hp, were used as powerplant. The aircraft was equipped with a three-column retractable landing gear, for which the French company Messier Hispano Bugatti. "

ATR 42 23

The first flight of the ATR prototype 42, 16 held August 1984 years.

The aircraft was certified in September 1985. After that, the production of the serial car, which received the designation ATR 42-300, began. On this modification, PW120 engines with an output of 2000 hp were used. And a four-blade propeller. This model became the basic version of the ATR 42 family. It allows you to transport 42 passengers at a distance of 1500 kilometers with an average speed of 450 kilometers per hour. This modification was produced before 1996 year, after which it was withdrawn from production, but is still in operation. Improving the version of ATR 42-300, there are two of its modifications. The first modification - ATR 42-320, which received engines Pratt & Whitney Canada PW121 power 2100 hp The second modified version, designated as ATR 42-400, had engines that were previously installed on the 42-320 ATR, but with a six-blade propeller.

ATR 42 Salon

In October 1995 year the airline began deliveries of the new aircraft ATR 42-500.

This new version of the family of ATR 42, has a more modern and ergonomic interior design with improved sound insulation as compared to the previous version. On ATR 42-500 installed capacity of turboprop engines PW127E 2400 hp and new lopostnye six screws, made of composite materials. Also in the new version, it was possible to increase the load capacity.

2 2007 October, the General Directorate of the company «ATR», announced the launch of the new version of the short-haul turboprop aircraft, the designation ATR 42-600.

This version is equipped with new PW127M engines, which are 5 percent more efficient than PW127E engines. Also new ATR 42-600, has lower operating costs and higher fuel efficiency. In the cabin of the airplane new, comfortable and lighter passenger seats are installed. The aircraft's flight indices also became much higher. The cruising speed of the new machine is 556 kilometers per hour. It is capable of carrying up to 52 passengers for an average distance of 1555 kilometers. ATR 42-600, is equipped with the latest avionics and navigation equipment, which includes five multifunction LCD monitors for displaying all flight information, and a multipurpose computer MPC (Multi-Purpose Computer). This contributes to the convenience of management, and hence to further improve flight safety.

ATR 42 interior scheme

The main operators large aircraft ATR 42 for today are: Brazilian regional airline «TRIP Linhas Aereas», the US postal and courier transport airline «FedEx Corporation», leasing the French «Airlinair» airline, as well as a group of Russian and foreign airlines "UTair.

To date, it produced about 425 aircraft ATR 42.


Technical characteristics of the aircraft ATR 42


The first flight of ATR 42: 16 1984 years in August

Production Years: c 1984 years

Length: 22,67 m.

Height: 7,59 m.

Empty weight: 11250 kg.

Wing area: 54,50 sq.m.

Wingspan: 24,57 m.

Cruising speed: 450 km / h..

Maximum speed: 560 km / h..

Ceiling: 5500 m.

Practical range: 1555 km.

Ferry range: 2963 km.

Length of takeoff: 1160 m.

path length: 1040 m.

Engines: 2 theater PW120, PW121, PW127E, PW127M

Crew: 2 people

Number of seats: 50 seats

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