Avanti EVO Piaggio
Avanti EVO Piaggio

Avanti EVO Piaggio


In 2014, in Geneva, at the air show business European Aviation EBACE-2014 Italian aircraft manufacturer Piaggio Aero Avanti EVO announced the project as a twin-engine turboprop further modernization P.180 Avanti. The development of this project - it is an important step towards the development of advanced software technology, which includes the development of production and diversification of packages.


As employees of Piaggio said, Avanti EVO is designed to "heavily modified" based P.180 and will have a lot of improvements aimed towards improving efficiency, passenger comfort and lower operating costs and harmful emissions into the atmosphere. The maximum speed limit in 402 node must make Avanti EVO aircraft the fastest turboprop aircraft.

Avanti EVO Piaggio

The novelties in the design will wingtips, another form of the front wings, which provides increase in the climb, and redesigned engine nacelles.


As a part of the device will be applied saber pyatilopastnye screws having significantly less noise indicator. Presumably, the internal noise level will decrease by 1 dB (20%), external - on 5dB (68%). The aircraft will receive antiyuzovuyu automatic brakes and landing gear low maintenance.


In addition, it plans to equip the digital control system, external and internal LED lighting.

Avanti EVO Piaggio

A special configuration, which will be different from the base extended range to 17% (1720 nautical miles against 1470).


The passenger compartment is equipped with VIP-seating manufacturing Poltrona Frau and Iacobucci HF.


Also in the plans of the manufacturer change the cabin air conditioning system with a lot of adjustments.

Avanti EVO Piaggio dashboard

The company Piaggio said it already has an order for three Avanti EVO, the value of each of which now stands at $ 7,395 million.


Recently Piaggio Aerospace announced the holding of the first delivery version Avanti Evo, which is a deeply modernized version of the twin-engine turboprop airplane administrative class Avanti II. Delivery carried out on a predetermined schedule over 4 months after completion of the certification process of the aircraft.


The first buyer of the vessel became a Greek customer, whose name was not disclosed. The only thing that is known - the plane was bought for a private charter flights.

Avanti EVO Piaggio Salon

Based on the words of CEO Carlo Loli aircraft manufacturer, has five machines Avanti Evo, for which there are already orders have to build up to the end of the year.


Average price 2015: $ 7,1 million


Avanti EVO Piaggio characteristics:



Aircraft airlines

  • Engine: Pratt & Whitney PT6A-B

  • Engine type: Twin Turboprop

  • Thrust 6,052 lbf

  • Power 850 SHP

  • Time between engine repairs 3600

  • Empty weight 7,850 lbs

  • Operating Weight 8,050 lbs

  • Maximum empty weight 9,800 lbs

  • Maximum takeoff weight 12,100 lbs

  • Maximum planting weight 11,500 lbs

  • Total fuel: 438 gal

  • Cabin height 69 inches

  • Cabin length 179 inches

  • Cab width 73 inches

  • Cabin volume 375 cu ft

  • Magazine volume 44 cu ft

  • Height 13 '0.7 "

  • Length 47 '3.2 "

  • Wing area 172 sq ft

  • Wingspan 45.41 '

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