Accident drones
Accident drones

Accident drones


More than 400 Unmanned Aerial Units (UAVs) have crashed as a result of accidents since 2001 year, according to an investigation conducted by reporters from the Washington Post. Since the outbreak of hostilities in Afghanistan and Iraq, when the US armed forces began mass use of UAVs, a large number of vehicles suffered an accident due to technical breakdowns, human factors, bad weather and other reasons. In the investigation materials of more than 50000 pages, documented facts of aviation accidents involving UAVs and obtained from various sources are collected.

Officials of the Ministry of Defense argue that UAVs are a reliable means for conducting reconnaissance operations and applying point missile-bombing air strikes against the enemy. And most of the accidents occurred during the conduct of hostilities in difficult conditions and can not occur in peacetime. Military statistics show that most flights were conducted according to the flight task and that the number of incidents has been steadily declining over the past ten years. However, military experts say that drones will never be as safe as commercial jet planes.

The analysis of aircraft events associated with UAV shows that for mass and safe use of drones it is necessary to solve a number of problems: increase the ability of UAVs to detect and avoid hazards during flights, cameras and ultrasensitive sensors can not yet replace the pilot; 2. Reduce the number of errors allowed by operators of firewood; 3. To eliminate design and mechanical shortcomings of UAV, as some models of drones were developed without a backup system, which significantly reduces their reliability; 4. To develop and implement communication systems capable of providing reliable data transmission channels, more than 25% of accidents occurred for this reason.

When there is a high accident rate, UAVs have a significant advantage, ensure the safety of members of the armed forces, and allow you to perform combat missions. This suggests that this technical sredstvo- promising to develop and improve its material base and software.

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