Air Carrier
Air carrier - the world's first civilian air travel

Air carrier - the world's first civilian air travel

Today, throughout the world there are hundreds of different airlines engaged in the implementation of civil air transport on various routes and destinations. Nevertheless, it is important to know and realize that the first air carrier started its activities even more 100 years ago, but it was still a few years before the first planes and helicopters.

The first air carrier began its official existence in November 16 1909 years, but the first flights are not performed on the aircraft. As it has been said before, and airships. Air carrier has officially registered its name «DELAG» and the first years enjoyed great popularity among its clients. It is worth noting that the use of balloons and airships while performed solely for the sake of entertainment, but the German company has decided to earn money, it is worth noting that in this very succeeded.

Airships company «Zeppelin» moved slowly enough, however, necessary to specify that at the time the fastest transport was only a train, but since the railways were just beginning to develop the services offered air carrier «DELAG» were very helpful. It is important that the air carrier «DELAG» could be transported at a time a few people, and the cost of the ticket for travel on the specified route is not very value.

The successful development of the air carrier DELAG continued until the appearance of the first aircraft heavier than air - that is, before the era of the development of aircraft, but due to the rapid development of this industry, in particular, civilian air transportation was implied, airships became more the number of accidents has also increased - the ignition and instantaneous destruction of aircraft due to excessive hostility of open flames and sparks.

His existence of the world's first air carrier «DELAG» could extend up to 1935 years, providing air travel to many thousands of passengers, but due to the development of aviation-era use of airships ceased to interest many customers as the aircraft began to move on and accessible and much faster.


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