Air Transportation System
Air Transportation System

Air Transportation System


Air Transport System (ATS) - a set of co-operating aircraft, ground-based complex for training and flight operations, personnel engaged exploitation and repair sun and ground facilities, as well as the process control system operation.

For PBX characteristic features of technical systems: single goal (efficacy and safety); handling system, which has a hierarchical structure; interconnection subsystems. which consist of a large number of interacting elements; the presence of various sources of information; vulnerability during the action of random factors; features of self-organization.

A special place in ATS takes safety system.

A comprehensive review of safety issues on the basis of studying the properties of the air transport system has necessitated the use of research techniques of reliability of complex technical systems, as well as human safety as the operator in the human-machine system.

In terms of safety, ATC - a collection of subsystems that interact in the process of preparation and execution of flights. Each subsystem has the features of complex systems and in the analysis can be considered as a standalone system, which includes aviation equipment, aviation personnel, regulatory and technical documentation.

"Crew-sun" system - The main link in the PBX, which enables the use of the sun to its destination. The crew is the final link exchanges, carrying out flight, feel the sun design flaws, air traffic control, organization and flight, as well as negative external influences.

The functional efficiency of the crew depends primarily on the level of training, discipline and psychophysiological state.

The functional efficiency of the Armed Forces is determined by its design and engineering and ergonomic perfection, durability and maintainability. Planning and design and ergonomic perfection of the sun formed in the course of preliminary investigations at the stages of development of technical solutions. production of test samples and mass production of antibodies.

Reliability and operational safety are the characteristics that form the design, manufacture, test, mass production and the Sun during its operation.

Sun flight operations system determines the activity of the crew and other ATS elements using standard documents, which contain relevant recommendations on the preparation and performance of flights in special conditions and expected flight.

The effectiveness of the system is determined by the regulation of training and flight operations, training and maintenance of the Armed Forces, as well as the valuation of flight operations, flight permission for the established conditions and access to the implementation of aviation works.

Air traffic management system ensures the movement of the aircraft on the routes specified in the relevant areas of the flight, as well as on the approach to the aerodrome and in the terminal area.

The effectiveness of air traffic management system is determined by its perfection, reliability and dependability of technical equipment, professional dispatchers preparation, organization, discipline, and training of staff. The effectiveness depends on the quality indicators of the functioning of these constituents - the accuracy, reliability or completeness of the information displayed on the status of the air space, the scope of the tasks and others.

technical operation of the aircraft system is inherently preventative and is based on principles such as respect of planning during the maintenance form (that) the timely prevention of failures of functional systems and their most important elements and ensuring the economic efficiency of technical operation.

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