Aviation Training Center BFU them. Kant
Aviation Training Center BFU them. Kant

Training Baltic Aviation Center Federal University of Immanuel Kant Certification



Training Aviation Center established 2007 year on the basis of Immanuel Kant Russian State University, Faculty of service as "Kaliningrad center of training of aviation personnel" (ATC KTSPAP).

Training Center in May 2007 has been certified to meet the requirements of air law and he was given a certificate number 157 / 224 / 2031070692 Federal Air Transport Agency (Federal Agency for Transport in the air) to conduct activities in the field of education in specific disciplines and fields.

In 2011 year due to the renaming of the University also changed its name to the Training Center - Training Aviation Center Federal Baltic University Immanuel Kant (ATC BFU Immanuel Kant).

Training Baltic Aviation Center Federal Immanuel Kant University Certification 1


Certificate to extend the order of the number 157 from 23 2011 year in June.

In July 2011, the ATC Aviation opened cash on the basis of BFU Immanuel Kant who works as a center of education and training aircraft cashiers.


Staff Training Center employees possess extensive experience in civil aviation, including flight experience.

Training Baltic Aviation Center Federal Immanuel Kant University Certification 2


The teaching staff is formed from a number of specially invited instructors from leading educational centers of Aviation, the airline of the Russian Federation, and university professors.

Staff training personnel possess certificates CA SPASOP Assembly of the Russian Federation (training certification center management staff services of rescue and fire-fighting Russia Aviation Civil Aviation), the Academy of St. Petersburg Civil Aviation, max Aviation Safety Group, L / D (Lufthansa Flight Training GmbH), TCH (Transport Clearing House), GDS «Amadeus», IATA (International Air Transport Association).

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  1. Aviation Training Center conducts training program and the initial program, initial training for trades:
  2. flight attendant international and domestic airlines;
  3. operator (cashier) for the sale and booking of air tickets;
  4. training of personnel for servicing passengers in the airport.
  5. Courses to increase the qualification of aviation personnel:
  6. Flight attendants international and domestic flights by types of civil aircraft: Airbus-319/320/321, Boeing - 757/767; Boeing-737 CL / NG .
  7. Cabin crew instructors of Civil Aviation.
  8. Senior cabin crew in the passenger cabin.
  9. Managers of organizations in international and domestic routes passenger traffic.
  10. Personnel handling of mail and cargo on the ground in the international and domestic routes.
  11. Controllers for loading aircraft and alignment.
  12. Specialists and managers of civil aviation holding, related to improving the safety position.
  13. Transportation of Dangerous Goods by Category ICAO air transport.
  14. Pilot training in emergency response.

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