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Aviation Vietnam

Aviation Vietnam

It is difficult to overestimate the importance of the military aircraft in the Vietnam conflict: it was truly huge. Although at first the Air Force of North Vietnam was not ready for the air battle with the enemy. Strongly affected insufficient number of aircraft and experienced pilots. Due to the nature of his physique, Vietnamese worse transferred loads associated with flights to fighters. The Americans have not hesitated to use.

Around the summer of 1966 years, the situation began to change. Aviation Vietnam joined in the fight to the fullest. Soviet subsonic MiG-17 and supersonic MiG-21 became the main aircraft in service with North Vietnamese. The air battles in the skies over Vietnam still excite the minds of filmmakers, professionals and amateurs. Losses on both sides reach thousands. According to the Americans themselves, they lost about 900 their aircraft over the Vietnamese jungle over three years. According to Soviet and Vietnamese data, the figure for downed American aircraft in 1967 alone is 1067 a year.

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Aviation Vietnam

After the unification of Vietnam, which occurred in 1975, work began on the formation of a new fleet of the Vietnamese Air Force. Then a sufficient number of Soviet MiG-type aircraft — the MiG-19 and MiG-21 — remained among those that played an enormous role in the recent battles against the Americans and “survived”. As war trophies, the country got a lot of American fighters.

The current fleet of the Vietnam Air Force looks a little different. Now it is based on Russian Su-27 fighters. As of the 2000 year, the Vietnamese air force was armed with 12 units of this type of aircraft. This number included both single-seat modifications and double (in the amount of five Su-27 UBK and Su-30K aircraft). According to available information, the Vietnamese authorities are planning to purchase 24 machines from Russia.

MiG-21 type fighters continue to be actively used, and so far, apparently, no one is going to remove them from service. In addition to light, mobile fighters, the military aviation of Vietnam uses heavier fighter-bombers of the Su-22 type, as well as a large number of helicopters of various types: these are Mi-6, Mi-8, Mi-17, Mi-24, Ka-25 , Ka-28, Ka-32. Helicopters are designed to support the ground forces. Vietnamese regularly use them to patrol the coast. Transport functions are performed by Ukrainian-made aircraft An-2 and An-26.


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