Plane crash near An-12BP Batagov. 1988
Plane crash near An-12BP Batagov. 1988

Plane crash AN-12BP near Yakutsk CAA Batagov

· Date of the crash: November 04.10.1988, XNUMX

· Time of the crash: 22:58

· Country of the crash: the USSR

· Location of the crash: Yakut ASSR, 25 km northeast of the airport Batagai

· aircraft Brand: An-12BP

· Registration of aircraft: CCCP11418

· Name of air carrier: Aeroflot (USSR)

· Subdivision: CAA Yakutsk, Yakutsk JSC

· Flight: 40066

Chronology of events:

The dispatcher of the crew was informed by the transfer level, the airfield pressure and gave permission to descend to 500. The crew confirmed pressure and continued to decrease to 500. At the same time, the dispatcher did not control the flight of the aircraft, did not transmit the bearing to the crew, did not determine the fact of violation of the approach scheme and, in violation of the GA-85 SPE and the work technology, gave him permission to continue the approach. The crew continued to decline with a large number of violations of the RLE and GA-85 SPEs (the airfield pressure at the 1200 junction echelon was set without moving the plane to horizontal flight, did not read the control check card, continued to decrease at increased speeds without releasing flaps and landing gear). The crew for 58 seconds from the end of the flight reported that the height of 500 m was occupied and the fourth turn began, being actually at the height of 700 m with 15 ° roll in the right turn with 80 km / h speed, which did not opportunity for a safe maneuver in order to reach the MKP = 408 °. After the report, the dispatcher KDP in 225: 15: 58 revealed the bearing of the plane 13 degrees, which indicates a violation of the approach procedure by the crew. The dispatcher did not inform the crew of the bearing, did not take measures to prevent violations. The aircraft at an altitude of 40 m with a roll of 530 ° with Vpr = 20-355 km / h went into horizontal flight, which did not ensure the safe end of the maneuver. It worked in 360: 15: 58 signal of a given height PB-49 radio altimeter, but the crew did not turn the plane into climb in violation of the RLE. PB-2 turned off at the command of the commander-instructor.

The aircraft in 15: 58: 56 MSK (22: 58 seats) at a height of 530 mv in a horizontal flight with the right bank of 22 degrees with MK = 126 degrees, at a distance of 25 km, with an instrument speed of 355 km / h and an azimuth of 51 degrees from KTA collided with a mountain, collapsed completely and partially burnt.

Description: An-12BP air crash near Batagaya. 1988

Data on victims:

· Total on board were 6 people: crew members 6. Total killed 6 people: crew members 6.

Details of the crash:

· Flight stage: landing approach

· Identified causes of the crash: crew error, ATC error

Data on the plane:

· Aircraft make: An-12BP

· Airplane ID: CCCP11418

· Country in which the aircraft was registered: USSR

· Aircraft production date: 30.06.1963

· Aircraft serial number :: 401712

· Aircraft operating hours: 16419

· Aircraft operating cycles: 9041

Flight data:

· Flight: 40066

· Flight type: Cargo

· Aviation Company: Aeroflot (USSR)

· Division: Yakutsk State Aviation Administration, Yakutsk OJSC

· Country in which the aviation company was registered: USSR

· Flew from: Tiksi

· Flew to: Batagay

· Original item: Tiksi

· Final point: Yakutsk

Additional information:

Description: An-12BP air crash near Batagaya. 1988

Information about the crew:

· FAC intern Alexei Shushurin

· PIC, pilot instructor Yury Efremov

· Navigator Alexander Mikhailovich Levin

· Flight engineer Joseph Lukich Litvinovich

· Radio operator Alexander Mikhailovich Dmitrienko

· Flight operator Yury Semyonovich Kolesnikov


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