Plane crash AN-Soviet 24B airport. 1989
Plane crash AN-Soviet 24B airport. 1989

Plane crash AN-24B Ural Soviet airport in the CAA

· Date of the crash: November 21.11.1989, XNUMX

· Time of the crash: 17:28

· Country of the crash: the USSR

· Location of the crash: Tyumen Region, Khanty-Mansi Autonomous near airport Soviet

· aircraft Brand: An-24B

· Registration of aircraft: CCCP-46335

· Name of air carrier: Aeroflot (USSR)

· Subdivision: CAA Urals, OAO Perm

· Flight: 37577

Chronology of events:

At the distance 3 000 m, after receiving information from the controller about changes in weather conditions, which were less than the minimum of An-24 (80x2000 m), the crew, instead of going to the second round, in violation of the requirements of the NPP GA85, continued to decline, and from the height 75 m made more vertical speed up to 6 m / s. The situation became emergency. Despite the fact that the radio altimeter dial was working at a height of 62 m, the crew did not stop the decline. Only at an altitude of 35 m the steering wheel was sharply taken to the pitch, which caused an increase in vertical overload to 1,45 units. These measures were late and could not prevent collisions with trees after 1-2 sec. from taking on the helm. Right before the collision, the engines moved to the take-off mode without the command of one of the crew members.

The aircraft at the distance of 180 m to the BMP collided with the trees with the right plane, which caused its destruction and shutdown of the right engine with autoflaviation by PCM BB. The left engine normally switched to take-off mode. The deterioration in aerodynamic characteristics and the asymmetric thrust of the damaged plane caused the development of right bank at 27 degrees. Crew deviation of the rudder and ailerons (until the stop) reduced the roll to 12 degrees. But after 2 seconds the plane moved sharply to the right bank, which has an angular velocity of 16 degrees / sec. and then, in 15: 28: 47, with a roll of approximately 90 degrees collided with the ground at a distance of 700 m from the end of the strip and to the right of the 250 axis. The first blow took place on the mound of the road by the right wing. The plane later collided on the other side of the road with an earthen rampart, which caused its complete destruction and fire. 8 passengers were seriously injured.

Description: An-24B air crash at the Soviet airport. 1989

Data on victims:

· A total of 40 people were on board: 5 crew members and 35 passengers. A total of 32 people died: crew members 5, passengers 27.

Details of the crash:

· Flight stage: landing approach

· Identified causes of the crash: crew error

Data on the plane:

· Aircraft make: An-24B

· Airplane ID: CCCP46335

· Country in which the aircraft was registered: USSR

· Aircraft production date: 30.09.1969

· Aircraft serial number :: 97305602

· Aircraft operating hours: 36861

· Aircraft operating cycles: 31763

Flight data:

· Flight: 37577

· Type of flight: Passenger charter

· Aviation Company: Aeroflot (USSR)

· Division: Ural UGA, Perm OJSC

· Country in which the aviation company was registered: USSR

· Flew from: Perm

· Flew to: Soviet

· Original item: Perm

· Final point: Soviet

Description: An-24B air crash at the Soviet airport. 1989

Information about the crew:

· FAC Valentin Alekseevich Poteev

· Co-pilot Yury Vasilyevich Perminov

· Flight engineer Alexander Nikolaevich Shipitsin

· Flight engineer-instructor George Ponosov Evstafyevich

· Flight attendant Galina V. Kamenskikh


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