Air crash of a Boeing 737-800 in Indonesia 29 October 2018
Air crash of a Boeing 737-800 in Indonesia 29 October 2018

Air crash of a Boeing 737-800 in Indonesia 29 October 2018

29 October 2018 of the year the passenger plane Boeing 737-800, owned by the airline "Lion Air", performing a flight from Jakarta to Pankalpinang, crashed off the west coast of the island of Java. The incident occurred almost immediately after taking off - the plane stayed in the sky for only 13 minutes. After that, he disappeared from the air traffic controllers' radar, and attempts to contact crew members were useless.

Chronicle of the crash of Boeing 737-800 "Lion Air" off the coast of Indonesia

The passenger airliner Boeing 737-800, owned by the Indonesian airline “Lion Air”, took off from Jakarta International Airport in 23 hours 20 minutes. There were no problems with the take-off, however, during the climb, the crew demanded the possibility of an emergency landing from the air traffic controllers due to technical problems.

When entering the turn, the plane unexpectedly disappeared from the air traffic controllers' radar, and the crew members stopped communicating.

In total, the aircraft stayed in the air for about 13 minutes, which indicates that the problem manifested itself was of an extraordinary nature.

Later arriving in the intended area of ​​the crash of a passenger airliner Boeing 737-800, rescuers found fragments of an aircraft off the west coast of Java.

Preliminary versions of the crash of a Boeing 737 "Lion Air" in Indonesia

Experts who have already begun to investigate the crash, consider several versions of the tragedy, however, according to experts and analysts, the fault is certainly a technical malfunction.

engine failure

The engine failure version began to be seen by experts involved in investigating a plane crash involving Boeing 737 in Indonesia almost immediately. According to some information, requesting from the air traffic controllers the possibility of an emergency landing, the pilot of the crashed airliner said that the main problem was the disrupted operation of one of the engines.

Experts do not exclude that at the moment of climb, a bird got into the engine of the passenger airliner, which put it out of operation, however, this version has not yet found official confirmation.

Control system failure

In addition to the version with engine failure, experts do not exclude that the failure of the control system could also be to blame. This is due primarily to the fact that after the request for an emergency landing, the crew began to deploy the aircraft, but the aircraft could not lie on the opposite course, having suffered a crash a few kilometers off the west coast of Java.

The victims and victims of the plane crash in Indonesia 29 October 2018

According to data from various sources, there could be from 178 people (“The Straits Times”) to 189 people (“Detik”) aboard a crashed passenger airliner. Due to the fact that the rescuers found a large number of debris at the crash site, the probability that any of the passengers and crew members aboard could survive was extremely small.

Nevertheless, experts note that due to the relative proximity of the wreck from the coast of Java, the likelihood that someone on board could be saved is still there.

At the moment, rescuers are carrying out search work at the crash site, but apart from the first victims of the tragedy, the survivors were not found.

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