Plane crash IL-14M in Antarctica. 1986
Plane crash IL-14M in Antarctica. 1986

Il-14M air crash in the Antarctic

· Date of the crash: November 17.02.1986, XNUMX

· Time of the crash: 07:10

· Country of the crash: State unknown

· Location of the crash: Antarctica, 240 km west of Art. Mirny (Antarctica)

· aircraft Brand: IL-14M

· Registration of aircraft: SSSR41816

· Name of air carrier: Aeroflot (USSR)

· Subdivision: UGATS, Antarctic SA

Chronology of events:

Weak equipment of radio engineering means air traffic control and navigation scientific Antarctic stations, low-quality radio in these conditions and longer route (2020 km), was not given the opportunity to actively manage traffic of the IL-14 №41816, control over the execution of the flight was carried out the report of the crew.

At the turn of the return flight (Prydz Bay) forecast and actual weather at the airport of embarkation and on the route did not prevent the continuation of the flight in the future.

The crew in the second half of the route fell into severe icing conditions, which are not foreseen by the forecast, and had to reduce the flight altitude. The crew, having dropped by 1500 m, fell into the jet stream - headwind force of the hurricane (up to 140 km / h), which caused a decrease in ground speed and a shortage of fuel in order to reach the destination. The plane at a distance of more than 200 km from Mirny station got into a white mist, which reduced visibility to almost zero.

Crew 17.02.86 in 06: 50 Moscow reported on the rest of the fuel for 30 minutes of flight, and transferred to 07: 05 coordinates and the decision to manufacture the forced landing. The flight occurred over the Philippine coastal glacier. In 07: 10 Moscow time, communication with the board ceased, more than after 10 hours of flight. During the forced landing on the glacier, and its surface had deep cracks (ice), which were drifted, with zero visibility due to "whiteness" and probable icing, if it was impossible to determine the vertical distance to the surface of the glacier and the condition in these conditions, the plane collapsed The surface of the glacier collapsed completely. The crash site was detected from the air a few days later at a point having the coordinates 66 ° 50 'SUS, 88 ° 00' VD (at 240 km to the west of Mirny station). The service passenger and crew died.

Description: Il-14M air crash in Antarctica. 1986

Data on victims:

· A total of 6 people were on board: 5 crew members and 1 passengers. A total of 6 people died: crew members 5, passengers 1.

Details of the crash:

· Flight Stage: Horizontal (cruising) flight

· Identify the causes of the crash: weather conditions

Data on the plane:

· Aircraft make: IL-14M

· Airplane ID: USSR41816

· Country in which the aircraft was registered: USSR

· Aircraft production date: 30.08.1957

· Aircraft serial number :: 147001603

· Aircraft operating hours: 32094

· Aircraft operating cycles: 18078

Flight data:

· Flight type: Transport

· Aviation Company: Aeroflot (USSR)

· Division: UGAC, Antarctic

· Country in which the aviation company was registered: USSR

· Flew from: art. Youth

· Flew in: art. Peaceful

· Original item: Art. Youth

· Final item: Art. Peaceful

Additional information:

Information about the crew:

· Victor Anatolievich Petrov KVS

· Co-pilot Alexander M. Kladov

· Navigator Alexander Sergeevich Puchkov

· Flight engineer Vladimir Fedorovich Romanov

· An operator Anatoly Ignatievich Ponomarev

· Aircraft engineer Vladimir Ivanovich Eremin (serving. Passenger)


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