Plane crash IL-76TD near a / d Chkalovsky. 2001
Plane crash IL-76TD near a / d Chkalovsky. 2001

Plane crash IL-76TD airlines 'Rus' in the area of ​​a / d Chkalovsky

  • Date of the crash: 14.07.2001 of

  • Country of the crash: Russia

  • Location of the crash: Moscow region, 1 km from the A / D Chkalovsky, Shchelkovo district

  • aircraft Brand: IL-76TD

  • Registration of aircraft: RA76588

  • Name of air carrier: Russ

  • Flight: RUR9633

Chronology of events:

Separation proizvedeli at speeds 290 km / h, which is more than in the 25 km / h recommended RLE. At an altitude of approximately 10 meters KBC started to perform right turn with a roll 7 ° compensation in the course deviation to the left of the take-off.

In the process of turning in violation of RLE, at an altitude of 23-24 meters produced relaying stabilizer -5,4 ° to -3,9 ° on a dive if there is no compensating deflection of the elevator. The most likely cause of the stabilizer control was its installation in a position that does not correspond to the actual value alignment and weight.

The Commission of Inquiry found that the control on takeoff stabilizer is a characteristic and regularly repeated violation commander Boyko BC It also identified instances where command and aircrew used very similar methods of control on takeoff aircraft.

The rate of climb of the aircraft after the separation was about 1,7 m / s climb after rejecting stabilizer stopped and went to the decrease in the height of 20-21 meters.

One second before the collision with the obstacle (trees on the course of take-off), the elevator was deflected on 11-12 °, to pitch, but was unable to avoid a collision.

Aircraft away 930 meters from the runway threshold, and the right of the axis 47 meters encountered in the Middle drive with trees at a height of about a meter 22. The collision occurred the destruction of the fourth and third rules engine flaps and slats, fairing niches main landing gear. The aircraft further away 1460 meters from the runway was destroyed in a collision with the ground.

Alignment of the aircraft was not calculated dispatcher. Driving load cargo on the plane were not prepared. As a result of research conducted in the course of the investigation, it was found that the actual take-off weight of the aircraft was approximately 204 tons, centering 29,8 percent MAR. Take-off weight of the aircraft so that the maximum allowable exceeding approximately 14 tonnes

Plane crash IL-76TD near a / d Chkalovsky. 2001.

Data on victims:

  • Total on board were people 10: 8 2 crew members and passengers. Total killed 10 people: crew 8, 2 passengers.

Details of the crash:

  • Phase of flight: climb

  • Identified causes of the crash: crew error causes nonstandard

  • The organization, which investigated plane crash:

Data on the plane:

  • aircraft Brand: Il-76TD

  • Aircraft ID: RA76588

  • Country where registered aircraft: Russia

  • Date of manufacture of the aircraft:

Flight data:

  • Flight: RUR9633

  • Tour type: Truck

  • Aviation Company: Russia

  • The country, which was registered aviation company: Russia

  • I flew from Moscow (Chkalovsky)

  • Flying in: Norilsk (Alykel)

  • Original: Moskva (Chkalovsky)

  • A final point: Taiyuan

Plane crash IL-76TD near a / d Chkalovsky. 2001