Plane crash of the Tu-134A near Syktyvkar. 1986
Plane crash of the Tu-134A near Syktyvkar. 1986

Plane crash of the Tu-134A Komi district Syktyvkar in CAA

· Date of the crash: November 02.07.1986, XNUMX

· Time of the crash: 11:27

· Country of the crash: the USSR

· Location of the crash: Komi, near the settlement Copsa Sysolsky district (district center Vizinga)

· aircraft Brand: Tu-134A

· Registration of aircraft: SSSR65120

· Name of air carrier: Aeroflot (USSR)

· Subdivision: CAA Komi, Syktyvkar OAO

· Flight: 2306

Chronology of events:

After 25 m from the collision with the ground, separation of both wing consoles took place. The plane stopped at 340 m from the place where the trees first touched. The fuselage fell into three parts - in the area of ​​53-54 and 26-28 frames. The tail part turned to 20-30 degrees from the axis of the plane and turned to the left with an emphasis on the horizontal stabilizer. There was a ground fire. The front door became jammed with deformation of the fuselage. Passengers through the service door of the luggage compartment of the front compartment were evacuated, the fuselage rift, the window of the pilot's cabin independently, as flight attendants evacuated the second pilot, the commander and the air mechanic (who died soon after the injuries). 52 passengers, including 7 children, were killed (according to the conclusion of medical forensic examination, some of them died from poisoning by combustion products). Other 4 crew members and 34 passenger were injured. The aircraft was partially burned in a land-based fire.

The alarm is transferred to the 10: 12. Rescue search facilities are operated in 10: 26, as a result of the report from the crew about the landing of the forest. The crash site found in 13: 35 helicopter.

Current conditions, which is fixed by the crew of the helicopter rescue search in the area Incidents of 11: 37 - Clear 10 points, pannus, nimbostratus height 200-250 m, rain, visibility 10 km visibility in rain 6 km.

Description: Tu-134A air crash near Syktyvkar. 1986

Data on victims:

· A total of 92 people were on board: 6 crew members and 86 passengers. A total of 54 people died: crew members 2, passengers 52.

Details of the crash:

· Flight stage: climb

· Identify the causes of the crash: unusual reasons

· Organization that investigated the crash: MGA

Data on the plane:

· Brand: Tu-134А

· Airplane ID: USSR65120

· Country in which the aircraft was registered: USSR

· Aircraft production date: 24.06.78

· Aircraft serial number :: 60482

· Aircraft operating hours: 13988

· Aircraft operating cycles: 7989

· Engines: MC 08303053 MC 05103098

Flight data:

· Flight: 2306

· Type of flight: Regular passenger

· Aviation Company: Aeroflot (USSR)

· Division: Komi CAA, Syktyvkarsky JSC

· Country in which the aviation company was registered: USSR

· Flew from: Syktyvkar

· Flew to: Moscow (Sheremetyevo)

· Original item: Vorkuta

· Final point: Moscow (Sheremetyevo)

Additional information:

Information about the crew:

· FAC Vladimir Fedorovich Dubrovsky

· Co-pilot Dmitry Denisovich Kuleshov

· Navigator Alexander Y. Dmitriev (died)

· Flight engineer Sadyrbek Imanalievich Shamyrkanov (died)

· Flight attendant E.E. Kazakov

· Flight attendant V.V. Kuchaeva


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