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Plane crash «Turkish Airlines» near Bishkek January 16 2017 years
Plane crash «Turkish Airlines» near Bishkek January 16 2017 years

Plane crash «Turkish Airlines» near Bishkek January 16 2017 years.


14:02 17/01/2017 The number of victims of the crash reached 37 people;

17:13 16/01/2017 Experts found the "black boxes" of the crashed Boeing 747. According to preliminary data, their decoding will be engaged experts from Turkey, Russia and the United States;

9:00 16/01/2017 Rescuers working at the crash site of a cargo aircraft, reported the discovery of 32 casualties;

8:42 16/01/2017 One of the crew members of the crashed plane "Turkish Airlines" has managed to survive;

8:25 16/01/2017 At the site of the crash is detected, at least, 16 casualties, moreover, most of them residents of a suburban village;

7:40 16/01/2017 The authorities have officially confirmed the crash of the Turkish cargo plane Boeing 747 near Bishkek. At the moment, on the site of a plane crash are specialists involved in the search for survivors and victims.



January 16 2017 years, in preparation for landing at the airport of Manas, the Boeing cargo plane 747, belonging to the airline «Turkish Airlines», crashed a few kilometers from its destination, the implementation of the Hong Kong flight. Current crash was the first major air crash since the beginning of this year, while, according to experts, is very mysterious.


plane crash Boeing 747 airline «Turkish Airlines» Chronicle.


According to the «Turkish Airlines» news agency, cargo aircraft of Turkish Airlines flying from Hong Kong to Istanbul, with the implementation of a planned stopover in Bishkek. However, early in the morning, when the air specialists Bishkek harbor were preparing to take the plane, he suddenly disappeared from controllers' radar, and as later became known, crashed, in fact, a few minutes before his arrival at the destination.



The cargo plane Boeing 747 fell directly on the holiday village, which led to a large number of victims and victims of the tens of people, while on board of the aircraft was only four crew members.

At the site of the crash massive destruction - in the fall, the plane literally rammed several buildings, which led to a large number of victims and survivors.


Victims and survivors of a plane crash near Bishkek January 16 2017 years.


According to 9 am, at the crash site of a cargo plane has already found the bodies of the victims 32 from which 3 29 crew members and residents of the holiday village. However, experts note that the list of victims will certainly grow, as under the rubble so far, the bodies of men are.



According to preliminary data, in the crash of a cargo plane at the holiday village has suffered at least three dozen people - most of them are hospitalized with injuries of various kinds.


Versions of the causes and circumstances of the crash.


Currently, experts are wondering why the Turkish plane fell near Bishkek? Although the exact details of this will be known only after a thorough investigation, we have two main versions of the plane crash that occurred put forward, including a shortage of fuel and technical failure.


fuel Shortage



At the moment, the version with a shortage of fuel is the main specialists involved in carrying out an investigation of the plane crash, and although these circumstances not officially commented, experts believe that it is due to the fact that fuel the aircraft tanks were empty, the plane and crashed to the holiday village. On the other hand, from unofficial sources it was reported that the aircraft pilots did not report an emergency on board, and making an emergency landing is not required.


Technical fault


Version technical malfunction cargo plane Boeing 747 is also one of the principal, in particular, experts believe that it is likely could be problems with the aircraft control system, in this case, due to the fact that the plane was at low altitude, pilots and could not to report any problems they have.